Friday, 8 May 2009

Welcome to new member Dave Hamill!

Dave Hamill
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Dave joined up with the club last night before his first TT and after coming out on a few club runs. Dave Says "I did a lot of cycling when I was a teenager and started mountain biking again in 2004. Last year I got a road bike to help my mountain biking fitness. Trouble is, I fell in love with road biking and have now been neglecting my mountain bike a bit.
My Road bike is a Giant SCR 1.5 that will be upgraded for something else soon I hope. My mountain bike is a Cotic Soda.
This year I want to do some more sportives, get my 10 mile TT time below 30 minutes and beat Matt in a sprint to a 30mph sign!"


grantus said...

Welcome Dave, great effort last night!

Anth said...

Cotic for the win! (I've got an early-ish Soul).

Will be attending my first TT on the 14th all being well...

JMC said...

Welcome Davie, a great performance.