Monday, 25 May 2009

Law Wheelers 10 report

Sadiq, Matt and Stevie rode the Law Wheelers 10 on Sunday morning. The weather was almost perfect for testing, cool with a slight headwind on the way to the turn, providing good assistance on the return leg. The Cambussbarron course has about 14m climbing so fast times were expected, Sadiq and Stevie clocked new personal bests while Matt set a new club 10 record.
Sadiq said "The course is more or less pan flat with roughish road surface in places, traffic was ok but there were a few coaches and large things kicking about but i didn't see any dodgy driving. I found it tough going, a flat course means pressure on the legs all the way. I was pretty wasted at the end, more so than club TTs

Sadiq Mir: 24.16 (34th)
Matt Ball: 22.46 (13th)
Steve McDowall 25.56 (46th)

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grantus said...

Superb times lads.