Thursday, 28 May 2009

Another friendly local bike shop

Robin Philp
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The BIke and Ski Clinic in Brightons is a hidden gem, owned by club member Robin Philp. Robin started the business 15 years ago after he left the oil industry having worked with BP for 26 years,18 years of that on various production platforms in the North Sea.
Robin Says "I have always been a keen cyclist and skier so when I left BP I decided to pursue my dream and start a business.
I love working with bikes as well as riding them and after all these years my enthusiasm has never been stronger.
I get a lot of pleasure in building wheels and reckon that the wheels I build are second to none as is my ability to repair any type of bike.
I have also built a good reputation in repairing and servicing skis and snowboards and this side of my business has done exceptionally well and am proud of the quality of the work I put out.
Pricing bike accessories has always been a problem and I have worked very hard to keep my pricing as keen as possible but I can offer Clarion members a 10% discount on accessories.
I am at the moment assembling a TT bike so pop in and take a look."


Roadie said...

The shop has a very friendly atmosphere and Robin would bend over backwards to help you in a crisis. My bike has been in a couple of times and I have always been very happy with the service he provides.

Keep up the good work Robin.

JMC said...

I am in the middle of sourcing some nice TT stuff for my carbone number, I must pop by soon as your rep proceeds you... lot of my mates get snowbords done as well from you.

Best Wishes John at revolutionarybikes in Boness.

grantus said...

All the best Robin and Tam!

Hopefully see you out on the road soon :-)