Thursday, 17 May 2012

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lang Whang 30 mile Hilly TT Results

Many thanks to all who took part and made the event a success, full results below.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Iain grant Dooleys RT V 1:07:41
2 Silas Goldsworthy Sandy Wallace Cycles S 1:08:51
3 Eddie Addis Equipe Velo Ecosse S 1:08:56
4 Jamie Kennedy Glasgow Couriers V 1:09:15
5 Steve Nutley Sandy Wallace Cycles V 1:10:18
6 James McPake GJS Racing S 1:10:23
7 Mark Ewing West Lothian Clarion V 1:10:47
8 Callum Wilkinson The S 1:12:17
9 Stephen Couper Glasgow United S 1:12:46
10 Ken Russell V 1:12:55
11 Matthew Ball West Lothian Clarion V 1:13:12
12 Craig Dale The S 1:14:13
13 Paul McInally Rock & Road Cycles S 1:14:27
14 Andrew Scott Musselburgh Roads CC S 1:14:32
15 Andrew Wilson Stirling BC S 1:14:56
16 Kenny Kentley Equipe Velo Ecosse V 1:15:14
17 Jeremy Greengrass Vortex V 1:15:52
18 Paul Gareze Lomond Roads CC S 1:16:00
19 Lee Whitelaw Edinburgh RC S 1:16:23
20 Tim Caine Berwick Wheelers V 1:17:10
21 Douglas Kirkham Musselburgh Roads CC V 1:17:23
22 Jonny May Edinburgh RC V 1:17:24
23 Andrew Matheson Musselburgh Roads CC V 1:17:48
24 Derek Timmins Musselburgh Roads CC S 1:18:06
25 David Millar Glasgow Couriers V 1:18:27
26 John Woodrow Sandy Wallace Cycles S 1:18:42
27 Jon Clarke Glasgow Wheelers S 1:18:49
28 Alex Hilliam Edinburgh RC S 1:19:41
29 Craig Gilmour Falkirk BC S 1:21:43
30 Iain Elliot West Lothian Clarion S 1:21:57
31 Stephen David Stirling BC V 1:21:58
32 Anda-Jay Burgess Sandy Wallace Cycles F 1:22:19
33 Graeme Stewart Ronde Bicycle Outfitters S 1:22:44
34 David Hamill Pedal Power RT S 1:23:29
35 Colin Humphries Falkirk BC S 1:23:30
36 Tom ward Edinburgh RC S 1:23:41
37 James Davidson Pedal Power RT S 1:24:01
38 Iain taylor Dunfermline CC V 1:24:25
39 Richard Hooper Edinburgh RC S 1:24:29
40 Greig Petrie Dunfermline CC S 1:24:35
41 Colin Russell Edinburgh RC V 1:25:15
42 Neil Brown Pedal Power RT S 1:26:32
43 John McComisky Pedal Power RT V 1:27:13
44 Allan McCrimmon Falkirk BC V 1:27:28
45 Timothy May Peebles CC V 1:27:56
46 Louise Haston City of Edinburgh F 1:29:47
47 Teri Wishart The F 1:30:49
48 Gordon Mckenzie West Lothian Clarion S 1:31:18
49 Katherine Arthur Stirling BC F 1:31:40
50 Iain McLeod Denny Road Club V 1:33:04
51 Jennifer Taylor West Lothian Clarion F 1:37:43
52 Debra Pollard West Lothian Clarion FV 1:42:47

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Thanks Folks!

A big thank you to everyone who organised, helped out at and rode our RadTour on Sunday. It was a superb event with about 90 participating.

Riders were set off in groups of 10 at three different average speeds (12, 15 and 18mph) to ride round the 100km reliability trial which passes by West Lothian's seven castles. The route tops out on the Lang Whang at over 1000 feet before riders descend to the ultimate cycling cafe at the Greer household.

With full bellies participants then make their way back to Linlithgow via Hopetoun House, Faucheldean and Kingscavil

Monday, 12 March 2012

National Clarion Events for 2012

The 2012 National Clarion events have been announced. Last year saw some very close racing at the Manchester Velodrome and road race at Darley Moor. We also got the opportunity to race against Britain's top riders including Rebecca Romero and Michael Hutchinson

Friday 6th April
Buxton CC Hilly *CTT
Incorporating KH team competition

Sunday 8th April
Stockport Hill Climb *CTT
Nat’ Clarion Hill Climb Championship

Saturday 14th April
Bolton Clarion 10 *CTT
Nat’ Clarion 10 Championship

Sunday 3rd June
Nottingham Clarion 50 *CTT
Nat’ Clarion 50 Championship

Saturday 4th August
Fenland Clarion 25 *CTT
Nat’ Clarion 25 Championships

Saturday 1st Sept’
Nat’ Clarion Road Championships *pre’
Location either Darley Moor or Scale Hall
(pending decision at conference)

Saturday September
Nat’ Clarion Track Championships*pre
Location and date to be fixed

Autumn Ride Out – YHA TBA
Venue to be fixed, with a central location to encourage members to ride out.

Saturday November Nottingham Clarion TBA
Nat’ Clarion Cyclo Cross Champs

*CTT These events must be entered using CTT forms in line with CTT regulations 2 weeks in advance of the race date.
*pre These events must be pre-entered details to follow.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Volunteers wanted for Lang Whang TT

Dear Clarion Member

We are looking for volunteers for the Lang Whang Hilly TT on Sunday 25th March.

We still have vacancies for essential volunteer posts

Organiser Julie Dominguez has already done a great deal to get the event up and running and she now needs your support:


Sadiq Mir and Craig Duncan have already volunteered (thanks guys) but we need 4 more
1. Your name here
2. Your name here
3. Your name here
4. Your name here

Sign On
Angus Gallie has already volunteered (thanks) but we need another helper
1. Your name here

We need two volunteers
1. Your name here
2. Your name here

Home bakers and a soup maker
All offers of scran welcomed

Please email Julie on julie.dominguez[AT] to offer your help


New T shirt Order

We will be ordering a new batch of T shirts shortly

Price is £14 including postage and packing

T shirts available:

1. Bathgate Alps type motif
Grey T shirt with dark grey ink, A list of the Bathgate climbs on the back

2. Bathgate Alps Joy Division motif
Black T shirt, white ink. Clarion logo on the back

3. West Lothian Clarion (Yellow)
Yellow T shirt, black type, Clarion logo on the back

4. West Lothian Clarion (Black)
Black T shirt, yellow type, Clarion logo on the back

Please email Matthew Ball on
Stating which T shirt you want, how many and in what sizes

Order and payment must be made by Friday 23rd March 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lang Whang 30 Mile Hilly TT 25th March

This event is an 'open' event for participants of 16 years or older.

Date: Sunday 25th March 2012 Race start: 11.00am

Race HQ: 
Kirknewton Village Hall,Main Street, Kirknewton, West Lothian, EH27 8AH.
The HQ will be open from 10.15am. Parking at the HQ is onroad, please be considerate to the local community when parking.

The start is approximately 2 miles uphill from HQ.
Please allow time to ride there as there are no parking facilities on the course.

It is an 'out and home' course set on the A70 starting just past Kirknewton Airfield, and then turning at Carnwath.

The course
To view a map of the course please click here

Enter via Entry Central or by post
Entry fee for this event is £10.00, for entry details please see here: (entries via entrycentral and by post)

BC membership is required for this event, day licenses will be available.

Postal entries with a cheque will be accepted, please email for address details.

Please check the West Lothian Clarion website for the latest event information.

We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ride the 2012 RadTour: The 7 Castles of West Lothian

Dave “Kit man” Dourley and Crawford Geddes are organising the club's first official event of 2012 – the RAD Tour.

Crawford explains what is going on in this years' event

Due to popular demand the route remains largely the same as last year. I understand that there maybe a couple of issues on the route with regards to road works/poor surfaces so Dave and I will ride the route nearer the time and advise of any last minute minor changes.

Basic details are outlined below:
When – Sunday 11 March
AMMENDED Route – Seven Castles of West Lothian:
Starts – Linlithgow Palace at 9.30am
Registration – Linlithgow Palace at 8.45 - 9.15am
Who can enter -Open to both members and non members
Cost - £3 per person
Café stop – for some unknown reason the Greers have once again volunteered to host a café stop and invite sweaty lycra clad members and strangers into their home.
Groups -Intending to start in groups of approximately 10
Speed -Three group speeds in accordance with new Saturday runs i.e. 12/15 and 18mph

What is a Reliability Trial?
A Reliability trail is a non competitive event, effectively a formal club run, open to all comers and can provide an excellent introduction to cycling. No Reliability Ride shall be promoted which requires the participants to maintain an average riding speed of more than 18 m.p..h. ‘Average riding speed’ means the average speed when actually riding.

• Registration is open from 8:45 to 9:15 in the Vennel car park, which is just behind Linlithgow Cross, which itself is fairly obvious on the town’s high street
• Entrants under 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult and must wear a cycling helmet. All other riders are strongly advised by WLC to wear a cycling helmet.
• A public toilet is open nearby from 9:15 - ask for directions. There is also a 24/7 ‘Superloo’ at the the Water Yett.
• If you can bring home-bakes for the feed-stop to the start of the ride, that would be great. The logistics of the event would make it very hard to return tupperware boxes etc so paper bags or similar might be better.

• Riders will be grouped according to their expected average pace. There are 3 pace categories so you need to decide which one you want to join:
• 12mph: expected time 6hrs 10 mins (includes 45 mins for breaks). Start time: 9:30am. Target finish time: 3:40pm
• 15mph: expected time 5hrs 05 mins (includes 45 mins for breaks). Start time: 9:35am. Target finish time: 2:40pm
• 18mph: expected time 4hrs 25 mins (includes 45 mins for breaks). Start time: 9:40am. Target finish time: 2:05pm
• Groups/categories will be set off together, though they may be broken into subgroups if necessary for the management of the event.
This is not a race. The aim of the event is to complete the route at a steady pace and as close to the chosen target time as possible; times will not be published. However, you should not take risks to ‘make a time’.
• It is not expected that all groups that set off will stay together and there are certainly no ‘group leaders’. We would, however, encourage groups to stay together for support and we would encourage all riders, especially the stronger ones within each time class, to work to encourage the cohesion of their groups where possible. Please be patient when getting through the slightly stop/start section at Hopetoun - your 45 mins of breaks include some consideration for this section so please wait for your group to get back together. Many thanks!

• The route is fairly long (over 100km) and tackles some high and exposed roads. You take responsibility for assessing your own fitness to take part and that of your bike, and you should aim to be self-reliant.
• You must obey road traffic law and the Highway Code throughout the event.
• You must read the risk assessment prepared for the event
• The route sheet highlights only a small number of exceptional hazards.
You obviously need to pay attention to all general hazards, instructions on road signage and markings. Pay particular attention to road surfaces; another hard winter has had a damaging effect on a lot of these.
• Show consideration for others on the route especially on the off-road sections where pedestrians are likely to be encountered eg: at Hopetoun Estate.
• There is one short off-road section within Hopetoun Estate. It is rideable for a road bike, with a little care.
• If the conditions on the day are judged unacceptably hazardous (notably heavy ice or snow) the event may be cancelled. Full refunds would be given.

• The feed stop is a little past half-way, coming down Leyden Road off the Lang Whang and is being hosted by club members Neil and Julie Greer - many thanks to them. Last year’s participants will remember this as a true highlight of the day!
• The location is highlighted by the route sheet but will probably be marked at the roadside on the day as well
• Neil’s house is in a quiet residential area set back from the main road. Please take care to arrive and leave quietly and avoid disturbing Neil’s neighbours.
• Small donations to club funds can be made for the catering provided, on a purely voluntary basis.

• You should aim to be self-sufficient. You should certainly be carrying enough food, some money and have the tools to repair punctures and minor breakages.
• The route passes close to several train stations that would allow (via Haymarket) a return to the starting point. There are also lots of shops and cafes on or near to the route.
• If you ‘bail’ but do not need recovery please let the organisers know (number to be given out on the day)

• Congratulations! Register with the marshals back at the Vennel car park and that’s you done.
• The ‘finish line’ will open at 1:50 pm and close at 4:15pm.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

6 rides to choose from this weekend

Neil has devised a route for the Linlithgow riders that circumnavigates the Bathgate Alpes and trip to Biggar awaites the East Calder bunch.

Check out the route and read our ride guidelines before coming out:

There are 3 rides leaving Linlithgow: a 12mph Cafe Ride, a 15 mph Club Run and a 18mph Hard Group Ride. A 15mph club run starts from East Calder.

Make sure you choose the right group for your level and follow the correct pace for the group you are in.

Hi All,

Well, Winter's Cauld Blast continues, but the forecast suggests that conditions reach a turning point on Sat, so Sunday should be several degrees warmer..

Anyway, the predictions for Sat. are: 4C (feels like 2C), Fair, 10mph W (gusting to 13 mph) with the possibility of some light rain - pretty much typical Feb. weather!


Just a reminder that, per the new rides schedule, the suggested routes for this Sat. are as follows:

Linlithgow Leisure Centre
Tour around the Bathgate Alps 9.00 am
Ride Leader(s): Please step up and offer your help

East Calder Sorts Centre
Biggar - The new Apple Pie Bakery! 8.30 am
Ride Leader(s): Please step up and offer your help

Would LLC riders please note that this loop is not one that has been done for a while, so could ALL folk planning to take part familiarise themselves with the route - thanks.

For Sunday, meet at the Cross at 9 am, route decided on the day. Also, please note that Tom Beattie has been riding out of EC the last few Sundays - follow Tom on Twitter (@TommBeattie - yes 2 "m"s) to keep updated of when a run is taking place.

That's if folks - enjoy your rides.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Saturday Cafe Ride

Ali McQuillen has planned a shorter ride that'll pass by the Cup Cake Cafe. The route has an option to cut short directly to Linlithgow or back over towards Beecraigs after the cafe stop.

Ali says "Post up on the forum if you're intending to go to the cafe and I'll let them know that we're coming so they can reserve a table and bake more scones!


The ride starts from the Linlithgow leisure Centre at 9.00am and has an average speed of 12mph

This weekend's club runs

Club Captain Neil Greer sends in this week's club run details

Well, on the day of the Club's inaugural Burns Supper, the forecast is showing some typical Winter weather with the temperature expected to hover around freezing with a 5 mph SW, fair visibility and dry; I guess that puts it in the "Proceed With Care" category for riders!

Check out the route and read our ride guidelines before coming out:

There are 3 rides leaving Linlithgow: a 12mph Cafe Ride, a 15 mph Club Run and an 18mph Hard Group Ride. 15mph club run starts from East Calder.

Make sure you choose the right group for your level and follow the correct pace for the group you are in.

Saturday Rides 28-Jan-12
Linlithgow Leisure Centre
Route: Slammanan
Start 9.00 am
Ride Leader(s) - Can you lead a ride?

East Calder Sports Centre
Route: Balerno/Craigie/Wynchburgh
Start: 8.30 am
Ride Leader(s) - Can you lead a ride?

For Sunday - and to help you recover from your Haggis etc - meet at the Cross at 9am - route to be decided on the day.

Whatever you decide, enjoy your rides and I look forward to seeing many of you at the Supper later..

To Rabbie!


We're in the Comic (again!)

Last February Chris Sidwells wrote an article about West Lothian Clarion that featured in Cycling Weekly over 4 pages.

In today's magazine, we've been featured again! This time one of the photos Chris took of our club run has been used to illustrate a story about Graeme Obree's new training manual.

We're pretty chuffed, thanks very much Cycling Weekly!

Available in all good news agents

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Get out and ride this weekend

Club Captain Neil Greer has posted up a couple of first rate routes for this weekend's rides but suggests the weather may get the better of us.

Make sure you take a look at the route and read our ride guidelines before coming out:

There are 3 rides leaving Linlithgow: a 12mph Cafe Ride, a 15 mph Club Run and an 18mph Hard Group Ride. 15mph club run starts from East Calder.

Make sure you choose the right group for your level and follow the correct pace for the group you are in.

Saturday 21st

Linlithgow Leisure Centre
Start: 9.00 am
Route: Braehead
Ride Leader(s): Can you lead the ride? Contact Neil Greer on to volunteer

East Calder Sports Centre
Start 8.30 am
Avonbridge Loop
Ride Leader(s) Can you lead the ride? Contact Neil Greer on to volunteer

However, with Winter being very unpredictable at the moment, the current forecast is not looking too encouraging.

It is showing 4C (but feels like -2C), light rain and W winds of 26mph, gusting to 50mph+, which is not really conducive to good group riding if this translates into severe crosswinds...

Sunday 22nd
Sunday only looks marginally better (2C, W20mph, gusting to 40mph)

So, I recommend that everyone contemplating riding this week-end keeps a very close eye on the forecast and makes a decision based on that; better to be safe than sorry, and there is always the turbo!

Whatever you end up doing, ride carefully...


Thursday, 12 January 2012

This weekend's club runs

Club Captain Neil Greer has posted up a couple of our classic club runs for this weekend's rides.

Make sure you take a look at the route and read our ride guidelines before coming out:

Thankfully, our milder Winter continues (yes, I have my fingers crossed!) and although it will be a wee bit colder this week-end, conditions still look good for riding. The forecast is Bright, 6C and a 5 mph SW - def. easier than last week-end's 20mph battle..

Just a reminder that the routes are:

Saturday 14-Jan-12
Linlithgow Leisure Centre
Forth Climpy
9.00 am
Ride Leader(s): TBA

East Calder Sports Centre
Carnwath / Apple Pie
8.30 am
Ride Leader(s): TBA

For Sunday, meet at the Cross at 9 am, route decided on the day.

So who is going to be out this week-end?

Wherever you go, ride carefully.


Monday, 2 January 2012

Join up for 2012

2011 was a super year for the club with more participation in our events than ever before. Join up and help make 2012 even better

Club Events to look forward too:
• Weekly turbo sessions
• 5 weekend club runs at 12mph, 15mph and 18+ mph - something for everyone
• Bi-monthly socials in Linlithgow and East Calder
• Great social events like the Burns supper, Tour de France social and Champions night
• A packed year of competition including our 10TT series, 25TT champs, Cyclo Cross, Hill Climb and Freewheel Champs
• Challenge events like our 7 castles of West Lothian reliability trial, all-night ride and president's run
• Adult Coaching sessions
• Plus loads of National Clarion events around the UK including the Buxton Easter Meet

If you're thinking of joining up please do so sooner rather than later as it would make the secretary's job a bit easier.

Download a form from the website here:

Senior membership is just £15, household membership is £10.50

Make cheques payable to "West Lothian Clarion"

For more details email Matt on