Friday, 30 January 2009

Mr Wake's Tenerife Training Trip

Not sure I can recommend Tenerife as a roadie location: the roads are maybe a little too tough for the turn of the year (for me anyhow) and later on it'll be too busy (the Masca road was already too busy when we were there) and too hot. Not enough of the EEC money had made it down to the road surfaces either. There were some great approach climbs to Mt Teide though, and a fantastic inversion layer all 3 times we were up. By the end of the week we were convinced that Haimar Zubeldia was stalking us (met him 3 times). Might have had more positive things to say if we hadn't had 2 days stolen from the middle of the holiday by illness but as a cycling holiday island, Mallorca wins out every time. Think I'll go back to Switzerland next; seems to make me moan less!
Malcolm Wake

Saturday Run Report 24/01/09

Neil Hayes sent in a report for last week's Saturday ride. He says "It was a Good turn out, 7 in total, despite the cold, including myself, Peter, newbie Matt, Steve and Craig. Due to the icy conditions we stuck to the main roads going across to Bannockburn via Skinflats and Airth. Returning via Falkirk and Maddison. In total about 45 miles. On the flat roads through Airth to the Stirling by-pass the group maintained a very good pace"

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Open Reliability Trails

Clarion friend Steve Beech got in contact about up coming local reliability trails, Steve says "There are 4 reliability trials organised by Falkirk and Stirling clubs starting this Sunday and the following 3 consecutive Sundays. Details on see Calendar. I would say that the stronger guys who come out on Sat/Sun should be OK in Group 2. Starts orderly but once the scratch group catch the others it is a race!"

Monday, 26 January 2009

2009 club events

To find out more or about the club's events contact the racing secretary Tobias Bauer at:

Distance: 50 KM and 100 KM, details tbc
Date: 15 March 2009
Entry: £2-£3 depending on scran provided
Start: 9am start for 100km; 9:45am for 50km
Entries on the day: Yes
Location: Linlithgow Leisure Centre

When: Every Thursday signing on at 6.45pm to start at 7.15pm
Dates: 7th May to 3rd September
Location: Bridgend
Entry: £1
Entries on the day: Yes
See website for details. Go to website
There are separate men's and women's trophies

80 miles, possible extension to the Holy Isle: 95 miles)
Date: 6 June 2009
Entry: Free
Start: Meet at 8pm for 9pm start
Entries on the day: No
Start location: Black Bitch public house, Linlithgow

Sunday 6th September
Start: 9am start
Entry: £2
Entries on the day: Yes
Location: Kingscavil

Date: October 2009 (date to be confirmed)
Start: 9am start
Entry: TBC
Entries on the day: TBC
Location: Kingscavil

Date: 26 December 2009
Start: 10am start
Entry: £1
Entries on the day: Yes
Location: Bridgend

The BAR trophy will be awarded to the rider with the highest average speed from any OPEN (not club) 10, 25, 50 TTs and any Sportive over 100 KM. Tobias will coordinating so all times should be sent to him. Tobias has compiled a list of local events which will be added to the website, in the mean time go to the BCF Calendar to plan your season
Winner awarded the club's prestigious BAR trophy

The club's P2P2P test to see who can ride the fastest between Blackness-The Knock-Blackness. We encourage all members to have a go!
Route: Blackness-Knock-Blackness
Start and Finish: Lamp post closest to Blackness Castle
Turn: Left hand junction just over brow of the Knock
Timing: Total time including stopping at junctions and for traffic.
Risks: Don't take any. On no account should any rider endanger themselves or others in the pursuit of a time. Treat the ride as a normal training ride, riders must obey the traffic laws and Highway Code at all times.

AGM This Thursday 29th

The AGM will take place upstairs at the Black Bitch in Linlithgow on Thursday 29th January at 8pm. If you're not a member and would like to vote please arrive for 7.30 and join the club before hand.
The proposed constitution and agenda has been emailed to the members, if you would like a copy please contact Matt at:

TIME: 8pm
LOCATION: Upstairs at the Black Bitch, Linlithgow
DATE: Thursday 29th January

Sunday, 25 January 2009

What's going In your kit bag?

Have you decided what items of club kit you're going to buy? I'm thinking about a regular long sleeve jersey, the Pro Road Jersey, regular bib-shorts, a skin suit, either a roubaix jacket or windtex jacket (some advice please!) a kid's jersey for the young 'un and a couple of caps. phew!

Whatever you decide, please email your order to Bill at before the AGM (Thursday) and as early this week as possible so he gets a chance to tot everything up and sort the discount for us.

New member!

A big welcome to Shona. She joined the club using the new family membership, a snip at £10.50. Shona says "I got into cycling through Bill and his enthusiasm for the sport. Two years ago I watched the TDF and this has become a favourite July TV "must do" for our household. I started off going on Bill's turbo trainer in the house and I usually do 4 sessions a week when I'm on a serious get fit mission. At the moment, due to building my freelance art career, I have not been doing as much but I intend joining the members in the hanger for Tuesday and Thursday turbo sessions. I attended a Tuesday evening session about two weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Bill does a bit of shouting at everyone which is quite funny as his bark is worse than his bite !! I use Bill's Specialized Allez Elite on the road during summer but I would really like a Wilier Lampre edition and the team kit to match but that may have to change now due to the new WLC kit which is really smart."

"I have my own mountain bike, Gary Fisher light blue one, don't know the model but I managed to get round the blue route at Glentress on my first attempt which was a major challenge for me. Bill towed me round that day and once we had finished he allowed me to have a go on his Orange 5 which was brilliant and now I would like to own one of these too. Our garage is starting to look like Dales bike shop in Glasgow but you need a bike for all occasions, well according to Bill anyway!"

"My goals for this season are to get much fitter, complete the WLC 10 mile TT course in less than an hour !!!! and to take part in the Glasgow to Edinburgh sponsored bike ride. If I manage to get my fitness up I would like to go with the club on a ride out some Sunday to meet the members."

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Le Terrier Sportive

My old club, Lancaster CC, organises a sportive through the Trough of Bowland. You'll find challenging climbs, lovely views and nice quiet roads. Here's a link to the website: Le Terrier

Hanger Cancelled for Thursday 22nd

Message from Bill: The hanger of anger turbo session is cancelled for tonight. Bill also tells me he's just picked up a club jersey example from Endura to show everyone at the AGM. He says it looks great and he sounded chuffed!

Ribble frame sale

Mike sent me this link to ribble's frame sale: Ribble frame sale
looks like there are some good deals...

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Welcome to our newest member

Mandy Weaving, partner to Andrew, has joined the club and made use of our family discount. Mandy was brought up with tales about epic fixed gear touring in Scotland, so it was only a matter of time before she got into cycling. Mandy says "I started off in warmer countries before cycling in Britain, then I did some charity rides like Lepra St Andrews, the British heart foundation and the Coast to Coast. I met my hubby while on a cycling trip in Nova Scotia, since then we have toured all over Europe, Scandanavia and Canada"
"We recently bought a tandem to ride the London-Edinburgh-London Audax this year and my other bikes include an ancient Mongoose MTB, a Cannondale Bad Boy, a Connondale Tower and a Hewitt custom built bike."

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Scouting the hill climb

Kingskavil, originally uploaded by westlothianclarion.

Bill has been working behind the scenes on the club's hill climb which will take place in September. This shot was taken while scouting the road up Kingskavil. How scared are you?

Monday, 19 January 2009

Sunday Run Report: 18th Jan

Neil and Jim were the two brave souls who ventured out from Linlithgow on Sunday. Jim says "Neil and I did about 16 miles or so, up through Whitecross, Maddiston and the hilly back road to Avonbridge, through some dodgy snowy sections, before returning via Standburn and Muiravonside to Linlithgow. The wind was freezing! I went back out in the afternoon and did a loop of Bo'ness including the Flints, up Carriden Brae and the Red Brae, then up to Philipstoun, Winchburgh, Faucheldean and back via Ochiltree. I'm only just getting the feeling back in my face!"

New Member!

Welcome to new member, Ross Dewar. Ross has worked in the cycle industry on-and-off for 15 years, during that time he's had, a correspondingly, on-and-off relationship with cycling. Ross says "I have always cycled on the road although the only competitive cycling I have done is on mountain bikes".

Currently Ross has four bikes, Ross says "If I had the room I would have 2 more because I've got most of the bits for them! My old hack bike is a Saracen Tufftrax from the 90's, a rigid mtb with mudguards and rack; I have a magnesium framed, carbon forked road bike by Merida, equipped with Dura-ace and Ultegra but the bike that I'm on most is a Kona Jump style hardtail. It's built for punishment and as such comes in over 30lbs, but is great fun. Last off is my GT I-Drive, built for comfort, sporting 100mm travel with a Fox Float RP3 shock and Rock Shox Reba forks"

"I love the Trossachs for road cycling, and I tend to go there via Caron Valley, which is also my preferred training ground. The Dukes Pass, between Callander and Aberfoyle is good fun in the summer too. On the mountain bike I split my time between Carron Valley and Glen Tress. In 2008 I have been concentrating on TT riding, with some single track thrown in for good measure. Previously I was involved in MTB marathon cycling, after getting hooked when spannering on the Merida 100 the previous year ( This year I am looking to do Road riding, mountain bike riding, TT riding and marathon riding, time permitting, although I'm a bit of a fair-weather cyclist, so you may not see me out for a few weeks!"

Order your Kit

Message form Bill the kit coordinator:

Please can you take the time to complete a kit order form as per the spread sheet which Matt will send out to members via email. Select the kit type you require from the brochure (which Matt will also email) and enter the size and amount of garments that you would like to order. Print this off and come and see me at the AGM on Thursday 29th January

As you can see from the discount structure below it will be advantageous if everyone orders at the same time as we will not be able to re-order until we have the minimum garment amount to do so. On top of the discount being offered as standard Endura have promised us an additional 5% if we complete our order by the end of January so again very important that we get the maximum order into them.

At the AGM please come armed with cash/cheque book to pay the full amount on the night for your order as we will NOT be doing the 50% up front and the balance when kit arrives due to the logistics of collecting the outstanding amounts.

I would appreciate if you could have everything to hand on the night of the AGM and I will have sample sizes of most items for everyone to try on if they are unsure about the sizing. Generally Endura are a size down from most other manufacturers as their garments are on the large side.


Saturday Run 17/01/09

Saturday Run 17/01/09, originally uploaded by westlothianclarion.

A wet, wintery morning soon turned into one of the best days of the year. The quality of light was superb and the long shadows cast across the lanes and fields showed how picturesque West Lothian can be. Andy and Mandy on the tandem were joined by six others: Matt, Mike, Tobias, Andy and newbies Steve (who lives 1/4 mile form the KWM! and Craig from Grangemouth.

Andy said "Great run today, we wentent alot of back roads via the Alps, and Philipstoun towards Blackness, Hopetoun estate Winchburgh and over the hills to the KWM. Myself and Mandy then went on a bit extra to Torphican, Westfield, Avonbridge, Caldercruix, Blackridge, Armadale and home to Bathgate, had 58 miles when we got home about 13:40. Missed all the rain but the wind drained the legs a bit."

Mike and Matt were the only two contesting the 30 sprints, sharing the glory one-a-piece. Craig and Steve did themselves proud and and fitted into the group easily.

Friday, 16 January 2009

What have you got planned this year?

Bill has sorted out his events for 2009. What do you intend doing? Why not reply to this post to let everyone know!

Bill's Events:
Feb 15 100k Audax Muselburgh
Mar 22 107k Audax Dalmeny
May 02 82m Drumlanrig Sportive
May 17 82m Etape Sportive
May 31 100m Skye Sportive
Jun 13 50m Cairngorm Sportive
21 Jun 100m Trossachs Sportive
12 Jul 200k Southern Upland Sp
23 Aug 100m Borders Sportive
19 Sep 54/120m 2 day Cairngorm Sp

As you can see a busy year ahead so if anyone wants to join myself and Stevie on the above pain fest for this year feel free.

Rgds, Bill

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Club Away Day

Grant is proposing a Club 'Away Day': It was discussed at the hanger last night that a recce of the Etape Caledonia route may be popular with club memebers.
Can we have a 'show of hands' to get an idea if this would be a good club outing, perhaps in mid-April time after Easter and before the sportive season starts proper?
The route is 80 miles and according to Bill - who put in an impressive time last year with Stevie - is fairly flat with the exception of the climb up Schiehallion.
I am aware of another couple of club members, Peter and Neil, who also did good times last year I know a few have their entries in, or will enter, for this year. I personally won't be entering the etape however I would like to do the route as part of a club run.
Please post up if you are interested in principle. Once we get an idea of numbers we can sort out a date that suits everyone.
Cheers, Grant

Tuesday Turbo Session

Grant's report from the Hanger: Bill, Mike, me and Mrs Bill aka Shona partook in a 90 minute 'fun' fest in the Hanger of Anger last night.
Bill was breaking-in his lovely new silver Langster, Shona had the Allez, MIke was on his turbo-charged Ribble and I had my trusty (or should that be rusty?) Giant Bowery fixie.
Bill had us doing 3 x 5 minute high cadence efforts with a 1 minute break in between. After a 10 minute rest we did 3 x 3 minute out of the saddle efforts with another 1 minute break in between each effort. Finished off with 2 x 5 minute TT pace efforts.
On a cold night in the Hanger things were spiced up with a 'sexy' soundtrack from Mrs Young's iPod (aye right Bill - we all know that's your music on there)
Another good session from Mr Young with the promise of proper 'man' music next week. We live in hope.
If you want a mid week work out get up to the Hanger of Anger!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Magnus Backstedt. 
The 'Big' Interview.

Local Journalist John McComisky sent me a recent interview he did with Magnus Backstedt - thanks John!

Article by John McComisky with thanks to Martin McCrossan and Magnus Backstedt


I recently caught up with Welsh based super Swede Magnus Backstedt to find out about life in the pro peleton, his hopes, ambitions and views on the future of the sport, as well as asking a few lighter questions to the “Big Man” of the pro scene. The hard riding powerhouse of the pro scene is admired by many for his gutsy riding and ability to inject serious speed into his Garmin-Chipotle team as well as being a master of the Roubaix and Classics in previous seasons.

What's the the Slipstream sports team like?
MAG: Right from the first training camp in Boulder last year its just been incredible. The whole group just bonded together. I had more fun in the first 24 hours there than I think I’ve had in the last four years. Its like a classic band of brothers, I realised this even more when I came off in Qatar and broke my collarbone, I got a message from everyone and I mean everyone on the team, from all my team mates to Jonathan Vaughters and the owner Doug Ellis.

What is your favourite race? 

There is only one race for me! I live for the second Sunday in April, the cobblestones of Roubaix and absolutely chucking it down proper legendary Paris Roubaix conditions.

Who, in your opinion, is the best rider you have ever ridden against, not only during a race but the way they were away from the peleton?

MAG: There are a few guys I have admired through the years. One is Miguel Indurain. He was a true champion in my eyes. He just let his legs talk! I think he is on the top of my list.

How did you get into cycling?
MAG: I was a downhill ski racer from the day i was able to walk, later on when i was about 12 one of my friends started cycling and I went along and had a go. I didn’t know how to warm up so I went for a run like I would do to warm up for a ski race, my bike had mudguards etc, but within three months I won the national TT title for my age. Gradually after some crashes on the slopes I made the National squad for cycling and I switched properly.

How did you get to be a professional? 

MAG: I just gradually worked my way up; I was a member of the national 100km team time trial team. I went away on national duty etc. I got offered my first pro contract with Collstrop at 19 after holding off the bunch in South Africa with Telekom and Once chasing on the front and not managing to catch me. The manager of Collstrop came up to me after that and offered me a contract. My mum and dad drove me down from Sweden helped me into my digs with my belongings and said “Good Luck” and set off home again! So I came through the Belgian hard mans school

What personal qualities does a rider need to succeed professionally?

MAG: Mental strength, focus, and lots and lots of hard work and dedication and sacrifice

What is the motivation that drives you on? 

MAG: I have an ability to take in what has just happened and about 30 minutes later have turned it into a positive thing. When I got left out of the Tour team in 2007 I was gutted, that was the day before the national championships, I went out the next day and got second in the national TT championships and then won the road race on the Sunday. In the same way with injuries you just have to find a way to fight back from what has happened. I have a good support network as well which helps! 

What are your plans for 2009? 
MAG: I’m still pretty young and motivated for the races I excel in. Roubaix is a realistic target again in 2009. I am having an old school winter, nothing but road preparation. I’m backing in the gym getting some bulk back on my frame that I’ve lost through injury etc over the years, maybe I can scare people enough into submission!

How has the peloton changed in the last decade? And what else can be done to make the sport wholly transparent and fair? 
MAG: Exactly that, they are catching the cheats now. I made a decision long ago that I would do things the way I wanted to, clean. I have won some good races over the years, maybe I could have won more, but we have to start looking forward. Programmes such as the one the Garmin-Chipotle Team have in place will make for a better future. We (Martin and I) have now taken on a Swedish Elite team that we hope to help step up to professional level in 2009. I will act as a mentor to the young guys on the team and this is a perfect opportunity to pass my values on to these young riders and help making sure that the future holds clean hard working athletes. Martin will help develop and manage them up to the highest level of the sport.
The speeds are definitely dropping in the races and guys have bad days now that they weren’t having before. For me Christian Vandevelde Tour de France is one of the most positive rides of the year. Keep the faith the good guys will win in this story!

Thanks for all the answers Magnus and all of us here in Scotland will be wishing you well for 2009, as well as buying some of your coffee! ( It's great that you are helping younger riders with the funding it provides. 
MAG: Thanks, all the money from the coffee will now go to our pro team. We are about to re-launch it. The team will have 7 Swedish and 3 British riders and in 2010 Americans. It is our way of taking riders who are outside of the system or main parts of Europe and giving them that all important first step on the pro ladder.

If your house was burning itself to the ground, what material possession would you run back in and retrieve? 

MAG: I’m not a materialistic person, as long as my family was safe that would be all I wanted, my cobble stone survived 300 years in the ground so I’m sure it would survive!

Away from the race track describe your perfect day? 

MAG: Probably spending time with my family or a day on a race track in a really fast car, or out on the open road in a Bentley Continental GT that I’m trying to persuade my wife that I deserve.

If you could meet one person living or dead for a dinner: who would it be and why? 

MAG: Valentino Ross- Heroes – Gilbert Duclos Lassalle, I had the poster of him winning Roubaix on my bedroom wall.

Is your glass half empty or half full?
MAG: Always half full

If you were not an International cyclist, what do you think you would be doing? 

MAG: I’d be a rally driver or downhill skier

Can you tell us your most embarrassing moment, and to juxtapose this, what is your proudest most triumphant moment?
MAG: Winning Roubaix in 2004 has to be my most triumphant moment in cycling, but also the ride I did in the 2004 Olympics in Athens where I was off the front for most of the day, embarrassing moment, probably when i sprinted for the line in a kermesse in Belgium only to realise when i had won that there was a lap left. To my defense the lap board was not there.

What is on in your ipod, mp3, CD player or on your stereo at the moment? 

MAG: about 8000 tunes. Everything there is in terms of music.

And finally, describe yourself in four words!
Mr all or nothing

New Member

Welcome to Peter Buchan who joined the club this week. Many weekend riders will already know Peter, having suffered behind the mild mannered super tourer on club runs. Peter says"My cycling background is touring and I've done lots of trips over the years both at home and abroad in France, Italy and Spain mainly. More recently started doing some Audax & Sportives. This year I've signed up for the Bealach na Ba and will probably do the Etape Caledonia again if I can fit in. My main bike is a Dawes Galaxy but I also have a Ridgeback racing bike and a Marin hybrid for really good or bad weather outings respectively ! My favourite route round here is the 2 Bridges.

Crash, bang, wallop

Nine riders (equalling our biggest group so far) set out from the Korean War Memorial on Saturday, although the group was soon down to Eight. Stevie has the honour of being the first person to crash on a club run.  He came off at 30mph on the descent into Torphichen. His handlebars came loose and he hit the floor hard, Bill says he is ok but badly bruised and his Cervelo has a few scratches. Stevie, Hope you recover quickly.
The remaining eight riders: Andy, Bill, Andy, Peter, Jonathan, Jim, Mark and new recruit Steve headed west over the usual roads to Slammannan (hurrah!) and then back to the War Memorial. Bill enjoyed the ride "One of the best club runs I've been on, Andy was pretty frisky, going off the front on a few climbs but the group worked well together."
After the ride Mark said "50 miles for me, including a ride back to Livingston, in very windy conditions, although the rain held off. My legs feel like they've done 100 miles today"
New rider Steve owns some prime real estate - he lives about a quarter of a mile from the Korean War Memorial, the closest house to the start of the Saturday ride. If he ever decides to move there could be some fierce bidding, for his house, from club members.
Remember to check your bike is road worthy before you come out on a club run!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Kids put on a show

youths_06, originally uploaded by gaitor92.

Young riders had a great time in a safe competitive environment at the Stirling Uni Supercross. It was a pleasure to see kids getting on their bikes and having some fun.

Long socks are the future

IMG_0367, originally uploaded by flippin' ec!.

We're all going to be wearing them this year, if we follow the example of this super-cool Sandy Wallace rider at the Stirling Uni Super Cross. 

Matt about to be overtaken

IMG_0359, originally uploaded by flippin' ec!.

Not to disappoint - here is the more usual 'gurning shot' from last week's Supercross at Stirling Uni. About 60 seconds later the guy on the right had overtaken me and disappeared out of sight!

Friday, 9 January 2009

WLC Committee meeting Agenda

1. Membership update including proposed couples fee (Matt)
2. Finance update (Foz)
3. Kit update (Bill)
4. Club events update (finalise details) (Tobias)
5. Club rides update (Bob)
6. Web update (Matt)
7. Sports Center update (Bob)
8. Xmas 10 report (Matt)
9. Constitution update (Sadiq)
10. Clarion Motions to conference and Clarion issues
11. Under 18s on club runs
12. Proposed Open Hill Climb in March (Bill)
13. Plan AGM
14. How we doing? Got any bright ideas?
15. Any other business

Thursday, 8 January 2009

New Member

Welcome to new member, Andrew Hemingway. Andrew joins his partner Lesley in in the club and is the first person to take up our reduced membership fee for couples!
Andrew has been out on three or four Saturday rides and has been giving a few of the regulars a run for their money. He Says "My background is in cycle touring and triathlons/duathlons (though not done one of these for a few years). Generally just like getting out on the bike as a way of staying fit and it makes a welcome change from running. I’ve an old titanium Raleigh Dynatec racing bike in a nice pink colour, a Specialised Hardrock mountain bike and a Thorn tandem. Hoping to do a cycle sportive later this year.

Free BCF Bronze Membership

Message from Grant:

Free Bronze membership to British Cycling for WLC members (if you've not been a member of British Cycling before).
Gets you the Provisional Race licence needed for anyone wanting to try racing for the first time this year plus discounts at certain places, etc. Only takes 2 minutes to fill out online.
Grant says"I've done mine. Anyone else up for some racing this year? See if we can't stay one step ahead of the Broomwagon at these events."

The league international

Grant found a link to the Scottish TLI events in 2009. A few local riders rode TLI events last year and speak of them highly - why not give them a go?

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ronnie's Rides

Ronnie Thomson has planned a few mid-week rides and is looking for some company, Ronnie said "I would like to propose a regular planned set of rides for members who can get out for a ride during the week in the daylight. Here is a list of rides I will use over the next 2 Months of which I have ridden before. If club members can join in at a point in the route I would be grateful for the company."

Start time for all the rides is 9.30am. To find out more email Ronnie at: ronald.thomson[AT]
Or if you are interested make a comment!

WED 4TH. FEB. Duration of ride 1 -1/2 hrs
East Calder - Kirkliston-Boness-Bathgate-Livingston-East Calder

WED 11TH FEB. Duration of ride 2- 1/2 hrs
East Calder - Kirkliston-Linlithgow-Polmont-Whitburn-West Calder-Livingston-East Calder

WED.18TH FEB. Duration of ride 3 hrs
East Calder- Kirkliston -Linlithgow- Falkirk- Slamannan-Caldercruix-Armadale-Bathgate-Livingston-East Calder

WED. 25TH FEB. Duration of ride 3 hrs
East Calder- Bathgate-Armadale-Airdrie-Chapelhall-Whitburn-Blackburn-Livingston- East Calder

WED. 4TH MARCH. Duration of ride 3 hrs
East Calder -West Calder -Carstairs-Carnwarth-Kirknewton-West Calder

WED. 11TH MARCH. Duration of ride 3 hrs
East Calder -West Calder-Wishaw-Carluke-Lanark-West Calder-East Calder.

WED.25TH MARCH. Duration of ride 3 hrs
East Calder -Whitburn-Bathgate-Linlithgow-South Queensferry-Cramond-Barnton-Currie-Balerno-East Calder

WED.1ST APRIL.Duration of ride 3 hrs
East Calder -South Queensferry-Inverkeithing-Rosyth-Kinkardine-Grangemouth-Polmont-Linlithgow-Winchburgh-
East Calder.

Now two turbo sessions a week

Bill is opening up his 'Hangar of Anger' in Torphichen for an extra session every week. Get up to Bill's place for a good work out every Tuesday and Thursday 7pm for 7.30. email Bill for more details:

Order your kit at the AGM

JERSEY_WINNER, originally uploaded by westlothianclarion.

Bill will be taking orders for kit at the AGM on 29th January. He has samples from Endura which he'll bring along so that you can get an idea of sizing. It looks like Endura's sizes are on the large side. Bill is making the order on the 30th to claim an extra discount. If you can't make it to the AGM get your orders in before hand by emailing Bill at
If you don't meet the deadline it will be a 6-12 months before the next order is placed.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sadiq at the Super 6 in Gifford

super 6 gifford - first ever RR , originally uploaded by sadiq5.

President Sadiq during his first ever road race last year

Monday, 5 January 2009


The committee will be meeting on Thursday 15th January.
Please forward any items you would like to be put on the agenda to Matthew at secretary[at] by Thursday January 8th.

The AGM will take place upstairs at the Black Bitch in Linlithgow on Thursday 29th January at 8pm. All members are invited to attend.
Please forward any items you would like to be put on the agenda to Matthew at secretary[at] by Thursday January 8th.
TIME: 8pm
LOCATION: Upstairs at the Black Bitch, Linlithgow
DATE: Thursday 29th January

Matt at the Stirling Super Cross

stirling_175, originally uploaded by gaitor92.

At last a photo where I'm not gurning at the camera!

Matt gets down and dirty

Super Cross, Stirling University Sunday 4th January
Conditions at the Stirling Uni Super Cross were alot warmer and the circuit more technical than the Plean x last November. The event was really well organised, it even had beer tent/canopy that the race went through!

Most of the route was on grass which got boggy and really tough to ride through during the later laps. The toughest portion was running up a flight of steps with a heavy weight 1990's MTB on my back...all good training, next club ride I'm gonna run along side you lot with a bike on my shoulders! I didn't warm up this time and I can't get my feet into toe clips quickly, by the time I was set to go the pack had disappeared! Gradually through the hour I worked myself back up the field and had a little battle with 3 other riders midway through the race but managed to get the better of them.

It's an intense workout, especially after remounting and riding through uphill mud after some jump-overs! A lot of riders have got really good power and can put on a burst of speed to open up gaps - something I aint got!. Getting the right line through corners is crucial, mistakes open up gaps which are hard to close. I came 22 (and got lapped by the winners) it felt like I had to race much harder to improve my position on the last race (which had a bigger field) by just a few placings... thinking of getting a cross bike for next season and maybe not eating quite so many mince pies next xmas.

After watching the race my 7 year old is keen to take part in the junior races. they look like good safe fun if you want to get kids racing their bikes.

There is another cyclo cross in a couple of weeks in Glasgow organised by the Glenmarnock Wheelers.

Grant's Classique Des Alpes

Grant's report from the ride on Friday 2nd January
7 of us made it out on the 2nd for the Classique Des Alpes.

I'm no good with second names so hopefully the people below will recognise themselves from my descriptions!: -

Myself, Allan Black (his first venture out in 6 weeks), Mike 'the Cannibal', Jim on his Revolution Continental, Neil on the refurbished Holdsworth, Peter 'the Hammer' on his two-tonne Dawes tourer and newbie, Niall on a nice Raleigh with bling-tastic gold brake levers and calipers.

We set off from the Leisure Centre and headed out the Lanark Road at quite a 'brisk' pace which left myself at the back as we regrouped in Torphichen and poor Allan coughing his lungs up whilst keeping me company. It was decided to apply some additional weight to Peter's Dawes to slow him down somewhat although this didn't really have the desired effect! and we then went up to Preston Road where there was unbelievably around 1cm of snow and slush on the roads whereas there hadn't even been a sign of frost down in Linlithgow.

It was decided to head down to warmer climes at Winchburgh and the bunch gingerly made it's way down there via treacherous roads past Ochiltree and Faucheldean. We then set off at a fast pace to Kirkliston and around the backroads past Turnhouse and back to Kirkliston via the Dalmeny Estate - up to 19-20 mph at times.

From Kirkliston it was a run home via the 10 course although the bunch split with myself, Mike and Allan bringing up the rear albeit maintaining a good 16-17mph along the drag into the wind which shows how fast the rest were going.

Mike 'the Cannibal' annihilated the field at every 30 sprint on his turbo charged Ribble.

I missed out on the glory coming back into Kirkliston as we were being drafted by 'Ra Polis and so I didn't want to be up before the committee with a speeding ticket at the AGM - Jim sneakily took advantage of my law abidence and crossed the 'line' first to claim the honours.

Meanwhile the Cannibal was preparing for his assault on the Winchburgh 30. He reeled in a 200 metre breakaway and charged off the front to take the spoils yet again.

I could have had him at Linlithgow however I decided discretion was the better part of valour and didn't put up a challenge seeing as i'd sat on his wheel for the previous 7 or 8 miles and thought it would smack of desperation if I took advantage of him in such an ungentlemanly fashion.

All-in-all a good run although I think we need to be careful of keeping speeds down a bit if we've advertised a ride as a social paced one - especially at this time of year!

On the return to the leisure centre I spotted Freddie the Whippet taking Matt for a walk and stopped to chew the fat for a minute or two. Freddie was sporting a natty thermal jacket (Rapha?) and Matt had a lovely pair of green wellies on

Cheers all, hope to see you out on the road soon!


Sunday 28th Ride Report

Grant, newbie Kev, Andy, Stevie, Matt and MIke set off towards Kincardine for the loop around the 2 bridges. The pack kept together really well, one of the best Sunday runs's we've head. Grant, and Andy have seen a marked improvement in fitness, with Grant attacking any 30 sign he can sniff out.
Andy said: I enjoyed the run, All 50 odd miles of it , which for me is the farthest Ive ever cycled in one go. I was glad there was no one around to see me toil up the quarry brae to my house though. I certainly feel that I am getting fitter ( slowly) and am getting used to being on the bike. And the encouragment and little tips from you guys makes it all that bit easier, and thanks for that.
One day I wont be hiding in the pack and will take a turn at the front, till then though thanks for keeping the wind off me and for dragging me along.."

Saturday 27th Ride Report

Six were out today (Saturday) - Stevie (good to see ya again!) Mark, Bill, Matt, Jim and newbie Andy from Brightons. It was pretty darn cold, Water bottles froze and gloves didn't work (allthough Myself and JIm were feeling a liitle smug with our fingers nice and cosy in £5 Aldi gloves). Bill took us on a great new route down to Bathgate, Armadale and round the back to Avon bridge. I reckon we should test some more routes out over the Blackburn, Fauldhouse, forth areas. Mark destroyed the bunch with a burst of speed at the Westfield 30 sign. Roads were frosty and icy in places but noone came a cropper. I was impressed with stevies fitness after such a long layoff and Andy ain't as slow as he suggests...

Boxing Day 10 Report

It was almost a perfect day for a race - A bit chilly but no ice and no wind. Brian Bernard won the '10' with a time of 28.12, Bob Simpson came second with 31.57 narrowly piping Mark Paul by 30 seconds to third place. Grant Thomson came in fourth with a time of 34.24 but he rode out to the event and back. Brian looked like he was holding back too, crossing the line with his hands on the brake hoods! There were even spectators watching the race. (Hello to Ron and Anette!) Thanks to Allan and Mike for help pushing off and marshalling. So thats our first event over and done with, It couldn't have been organised without all the background help from Allan, Tobias, Graham, James at the SCU and Ian and Steve from the Clarion. Plus an extra big thankyou to the National Clarion for loaning us the equipment

Roll on May when we start the weekly 10s!