Monday, 12 January 2009

Crash, bang, wallop

Nine riders (equalling our biggest group so far) set out from the Korean War Memorial on Saturday, although the group was soon down to Eight. Stevie has the honour of being the first person to crash on a club run.  He came off at 30mph on the descent into Torphichen. His handlebars came loose and he hit the floor hard, Bill says he is ok but badly bruised and his Cervelo has a few scratches. Stevie, Hope you recover quickly.
The remaining eight riders: Andy, Bill, Andy, Peter, Jonathan, Jim, Mark and new recruit Steve headed west over the usual roads to Slammannan (hurrah!) and then back to the War Memorial. Bill enjoyed the ride "One of the best club runs I've been on, Andy was pretty frisky, going off the front on a few climbs but the group worked well together."
After the ride Mark said "50 miles for me, including a ride back to Livingston, in very windy conditions, although the rain held off. My legs feel like they've done 100 miles today"
New rider Steve owns some prime real estate - he lives about a quarter of a mile from the Korean War Memorial, the closest house to the start of the Saturday ride. If he ever decides to move there could be some fierce bidding, for his house, from club members.
Remember to check your bike is road worthy before you come out on a club run!


JMC said...

Hope Stevie mends well as there is nowt worse than a visit to Mr Macadams invention...peace JMC

OS 65 said...

Bill's update: "Stevie is ok as he is a man of steel and bounces awfy well"