Monday, 5 January 2009

Matt gets down and dirty

Super Cross, Stirling University Sunday 4th January
Conditions at the Stirling Uni Super Cross were alot warmer and the circuit more technical than the Plean x last November. The event was really well organised, it even had beer tent/canopy that the race went through!

Most of the route was on grass which got boggy and really tough to ride through during the later laps. The toughest portion was running up a flight of steps with a heavy weight 1990's MTB on my back...all good training, next club ride I'm gonna run along side you lot with a bike on my shoulders! I didn't warm up this time and I can't get my feet into toe clips quickly, by the time I was set to go the pack had disappeared! Gradually through the hour I worked myself back up the field and had a little battle with 3 other riders midway through the race but managed to get the better of them.

It's an intense workout, especially after remounting and riding through uphill mud after some jump-overs! A lot of riders have got really good power and can put on a burst of speed to open up gaps - something I aint got!. Getting the right line through corners is crucial, mistakes open up gaps which are hard to close. I came 22 (and got lapped by the winners) it felt like I had to race much harder to improve my position on the last race (which had a bigger field) by just a few placings... thinking of getting a cross bike for next season and maybe not eating quite so many mince pies next xmas.

After watching the race my 7 year old is keen to take part in the junior races. they look like good safe fun if you want to get kids racing their bikes.

There is another cyclo cross in a couple of weeks in Glasgow organised by the Glenmarnock Wheelers.

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