Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Tuesday Turbo Session

Grant's report from the Hanger: Bill, Mike, me and Mrs Bill aka Shona partook in a 90 minute 'fun' fest in the Hanger of Anger last night.
Bill was breaking-in his lovely new silver Langster, Shona had the Allez, MIke was on his turbo-charged Ribble and I had my trusty (or should that be rusty?) Giant Bowery fixie.
Bill had us doing 3 x 5 minute high cadence efforts with a 1 minute break in between. After a 10 minute rest we did 3 x 3 minute out of the saddle efforts with another 1 minute break in between each effort. Finished off with 2 x 5 minute TT pace efforts.
On a cold night in the Hanger things were spiced up with a 'sexy' soundtrack from Mrs Young's iPod (aye right Bill - we all know that's your music on there)
Another good session from Mr Young with the promise of proper 'man' music next week. We live in hope.
If you want a mid week work out get up to the Hanger of Anger!

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