Monday, 5 January 2009

Saturday 27th Ride Report

Six were out today (Saturday) - Stevie (good to see ya again!) Mark, Bill, Matt, Jim and newbie Andy from Brightons. It was pretty darn cold, Water bottles froze and gloves didn't work (allthough Myself and JIm were feeling a liitle smug with our fingers nice and cosy in £5 Aldi gloves). Bill took us on a great new route down to Bathgate, Armadale and round the back to Avon bridge. I reckon we should test some more routes out over the Blackburn, Fauldhouse, forth areas. Mark destroyed the bunch with a burst of speed at the Westfield 30 sign. Roads were frosty and icy in places but noone came a cropper. I was impressed with stevies fitness after such a long layoff and Andy ain't as slow as he suggests...

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