Monday, 5 January 2009

Boxing Day 10 Report

It was almost a perfect day for a race - A bit chilly but no ice and no wind. Brian Bernard won the '10' with a time of 28.12, Bob Simpson came second with 31.57 narrowly piping Mark Paul by 30 seconds to third place. Grant Thomson came in fourth with a time of 34.24 but he rode out to the event and back. Brian looked like he was holding back too, crossing the line with his hands on the brake hoods! There were even spectators watching the race. (Hello to Ron and Anette!) Thanks to Allan and Mike for help pushing off and marshalling. So thats our first event over and done with, It couldn't have been organised without all the background help from Allan, Tobias, Graham, James at the SCU and Ian and Steve from the Clarion. Plus an extra big thankyou to the National Clarion for loaning us the equipment

Roll on May when we start the weekly 10s!

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