Sunday, 25 January 2009

New member!

A big welcome to Shona. She joined the club using the new family membership, a snip at £10.50. Shona says "I got into cycling through Bill and his enthusiasm for the sport. Two years ago I watched the TDF and this has become a favourite July TV "must do" for our household. I started off going on Bill's turbo trainer in the house and I usually do 4 sessions a week when I'm on a serious get fit mission. At the moment, due to building my freelance art career, I have not been doing as much but I intend joining the members in the hanger for Tuesday and Thursday turbo sessions. I attended a Tuesday evening session about two weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Bill does a bit of shouting at everyone which is quite funny as his bark is worse than his bite !! I use Bill's Specialized Allez Elite on the road during summer but I would really like a Wilier Lampre edition and the team kit to match but that may have to change now due to the new WLC kit which is really smart."

"I have my own mountain bike, Gary Fisher light blue one, don't know the model but I managed to get round the blue route at Glentress on my first attempt which was a major challenge for me. Bill towed me round that day and once we had finished he allowed me to have a go on his Orange 5 which was brilliant and now I would like to own one of these too. Our garage is starting to look like Dales bike shop in Glasgow but you need a bike for all occasions, well according to Bill anyway!"

"My goals for this season are to get much fitter, complete the WLC 10 mile TT course in less than an hour !!!! and to take part in the Glasgow to Edinburgh sponsored bike ride. If I manage to get my fitness up I would like to go with the club on a ride out some Sunday to meet the members."

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