Saturday, 22 October 2011

Kids club Dirt Crit


01 Dirt Crit, a set on Flickr.

Photos from the Club's Dirt Crit at Kinneil House, the last round of our five race series

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Kingscavil Hill Climb Start Sheet

A Superb turn out, many thanks to all the riders for supporting the event

Kingscavil Hill Climb
16 October 2011
Kingscavil Hill By Linlithgow

1 Ellie Park Glasgow Riderz YF 09:31
2 Lusia Steele Johnston Jets YF 09:32
3 Lorna Doyle YF 09:33
4 Iona Crawford YF 09:34
5 Helen Mitchell Stirling Bike Club/Wallace Warriors
6 Sean Flynn Edinburgh RC YM 09:36
7 Joe Nally Hardie-Bikes YM 09:37
8 Ryan Ewing West Lothian Clarion YM 09:38
9 Stephen Dent West Highland Wheelers 09:39
10 Cameron Mason West Lothian Clarion YM 09:40
11 Charlie Johnston Glasgow Riderz YM 09:41
12 Joshua Grahame - YM 09:42
13 Lewis Martin Hardrock CC YM 09:43
14 Adam Loney Ythan CC YM 09:44
15 Laurie Cunningha Ythan CC YM 09:45

18 Emma Borthwick Edinburgh Road Club YF 09:48
19 Alana Steele Johnston Jets YF 09:49
20 Katie McLean Johnston Jets YF 09:50
21 Lulu Bartlett Edinburgh RC YF 09:51
22 John Macleod Edinburgh RC YM 09:52
23 Kieran Robbins East Sutherland Wheelers 09:53
24 Lewis Champion Perth United YM 09:54
25 Mark McGuire Tay Titans YM 09:55
26 Ben Forsyth Edinburgh Road Club YM 09:56
27 Rhys Donnelly Glasgow Riderz YM 09:57
28 Cameron Greatore Edinburgh Road Club YM 09:58
29 Harry Johnston Lomond Roads CC YM 09:59
30 Stuart Balfour Edinburgh Road Club YM 10:00
31 Sam MacNeil Peebles CC YM 10:01
32 Jack Crombie Carnegie Cyclones YM 10:02

34 Louise Borthwick Edinburgh Road Clu YF 10:04
35 Flora Gillies Peebles CC YF 10:05 b
36 Kate McCullough City of Edinburgh Race ub10:06
37 Kate Johnston Edinburgh Road Club YF 10:07
38 Cameron Balfour CNPORBEA YM 10:08
39 Connor Telfer Hawick YM 10:09
40 Gavin Shuttleworth Velocity44 YM 10:10
41 Zak Loney Ythan CC YM 10:11
42 Iain Paton Square Wheels YM 10:12
43 Hamish Carrick Edinburgh Road Club YM 10:13
44 Ed Salthouse Edinburgh Road Club YM 10:14
45 Aidan Quinn Glasgow Ivy Cc YM 10:15
46 Sean Noon Edinburgh Road Club YM 10:16
47 Ayrton Pellet YM 10:17
48 Andrew Scholes West Lothian Clarion YM 10:18

50 Debbie Pollard West Lothian Clarion FV 10:20
51 Fiona Crawford Kinross CC FV 10:21
52 Julie Hutchison Hervelo F 10:22
53 Sandra Scally Hervelo F 10:23
54 Katie Carmichael Hervelo F 10:24
55 Nicola Johnston Hervelo F 10:25
56 Natalie Shering Hervelo F 10:26
57 Amanda Brown Hervelo F 10:27
58 Sharon Doyle Sandy Wallace Cycles 10:28
59 Matt Ball West Lothian Clarion V 10:29
60 Jarlath Flynn Edinburgh Road Club S 10:30
61 Ian Cowden Johnstone Wheelers V 10:31
62 Julian Darwell-Sto Eedinburgh Road Club V 10:32
63 Frank Anderson West Lothian Clarion V 10:33
64 David Gibson Pentland Triathletes V 10:34
65 Craig Adams GSS Racing Team S 10:35
66 Stephen Crawford Kinross CC V 10:36
67 Billy Mitchell Stirling Bike Club/Wallace Warriors 10:37
68 Dougie Robertson Berwick Wheelers V 10:38
69 Alan Dent West Highland Wheeelers 10:39
70 Joe Larner Edinburgh Road Club S 10:40
71 Kenny Christie Johnstone Wheelers S 10:41
72 Jeremy Evans Un-Attached S 10:42
73 Mark Munro City of Inverness CC S 10:43
74 Jason Barnes Glasgow Nightingale CCS 10:44
75 David Griffiths Glasgow Wheelers S 10:45
76 Graeme Scott GRC S 10:46
77 Brendan Denahy Edinburgh Road Club S 10:47
78 Paul Gareze Lomond Roads CC S 10:48
79 Grant Craven West Lothian Clarion S 10:49
80 John Paterson Dumfries CC S 10:50
81 Buchanan Paterson Stirling Bike Club S 10:51
82 Tom Worthington Vortex R.T S 10:52
83 Ramsay Muirhead Johnstone Wheelers S 10:53
84 Ruaridh Shuttlewo City of Stirling S 10:54
85 Arthur Doyle Dooley’s Cycles RT S 10:55

15 Alison Mitchell Stirling Bike Club/Wallace Warriors
16 Patrick Barnes Glasgow Riderz YM 11:16
17 Andrew Turner West Lothian Clarion YM 11:17
18 James Dunlop West Lothian Clarion YM 11:18
19 Lewis Steele Johnston Jets YM 11:19
20 Luke Ross West Lothian Clarion YM 11:20
21 Findlay Gilmour West Lothian Clarion YM 11:21

23 Anna Flynn Edinburgh RC YF 11:23
24 Emma Forsyth Edinburgh Road Club YF 11:24
25 Audrey Doyle YF 11:25
26 Eilidh McFadden West Lothian Clarion YF 11:26
27 Cathy Mitchell Club/Wallace Warriors YK 11:27
28 Alison Bryce West Lothian Clarion YF 11:28
29 Rory McGuire Tay Titans YM 11:29
30 Alex Ball West Lothian Clarion YM 11:30
31 Alexander Dent West Highland Wheeelers lYerMs 11:31
32 Jamie Johnston Glasgow Riderz YM 11:32
33 Duncan Crawford YM 11:33
34 Martin Johnstone West Lothian Clarion YM 11:34
35 Ruaridh Bell West Lothian Clarion YM 11:35
36 Andrew Oxley West Lothian Clarion YM 11:36

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Our hand crafted podium has been delivered

Last week we put a call out to members to see if anyone could build a podium in time for the Kingscavil hill climb.

Within minutes Iain Elliott had volunteered his father-in-law Ron Day.

Ron is a retired carpenter and knows his dove tail from his bridle joints. In a couple of hours Ron had designed the podium, a set of three pods that sit one inside the other when stored. Ron worked through the evening and the next day it was ready to pick up!

Ron said "I went down to the lumber yard but the wood was really expensive so I found some odd bits in the garage and used them instead"

The Podium is very robust and stores easily, on Ron's advice we'll glue sand to the top for grip, and when we get a spare moment we''ll get it painted yellow by more Clarion elves.

Thanks Ron, a fantastic job, a big thank you from the Clarion for all your hard work.

Club member of the year shortlist announced

Six members have been shortlisted for the club member of the year, the winner will be announced at the Champions Dinner on Saturday October 22nd

1. David Dourley
Not only is Dave doing the business with the club kit again (with the associated problems that will inevitably occur with sizing, quality etc.), but has also volunteered to organise the club hill climb, and taken part in many of the club activities throughout the year. It could not have been easy balancing his shift work and family commitments with being so active with/for the club.

2. Angus Gallie
Angus has made a massive contribution to the club this year, supportive of his fellow riders, volunteering to marshal and organising our biggest event of the year - the Kingscavil Hill Climb. He sets an example for others to follow. He has also been representing the club on the competitive front too - getting 5th in the World Duathlon Championships for his age group. Supported and helped out at the TT series and Easter Meet, particularly the Sportive.

3.Simon Fagan
Simon has continued to contribute to club life, not only is he a committed coach for the kids club, winning awards along his way, but he also represented the club and Scotland at the school games as a coach. Simon has continued to develop his skills by gaining his trail leader qualification and adding an MTB bolt on to his coaching certificate. He won the first quarterly SC coaching award and helped organise many great events over the year including the BBQ ( He cooks up a mean onion relish worthy of the award itself). Simon also volunteered as the commissaire for the kids grass track races at Easter. As well as coaching he has also raced in the club's hill climb and taken part in numerous sportives.

4. Neil Heyes 
Neil has helped the club in a number of ways this year, volunteering at the Easter meet and organised one of the social rides. At the TDF social he found a great venue, he volunteered at the 10TT series and took part in many of the races, he even represented the club in the TTT championship! Neil also volunteered to get up at 5.00am to represent the club as a marshal at the MSCA 50TT. Neil also took part in the Night Ride again this year - an all round club member

5. Steve McCaw
Steve has been an outstanding racer this year and a superb ambassador for the club and cyclesport. Breaking national indoor and outdoor track records including setting a new outdoor hour record. At the Clarion track champs he broke 5 national records and then went on to dominate the track championships. He has advised club members on how to get into racing through his advice on the forums and has also volunteered as a helper on the club 10TT series.

6. Tom Beattie
Tom has been a stalwart member this year, he has invested an incredible amount of time and enthusiasm into club activities. He stepped in to organise the TT series and helped make it the most successful yet, he set up and ran the very successful Wallace Monument hill climb (even after a night shift!). He has participated in club runs and club racers and has then gone on to enter open events too. He marshalled for the club at the MSCA 50TT. He has encouraged others to take part in club activities and supported both our teams at the TTT champs. Tom has also managed Steve McCaw's hour record attempts, making sure all the logistics are in place so that Steve just has to think about the riding.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Thank you

A massive thank you to all the members who responded to the call for volunteers at the Kingscavil hill climb on 16th October, Organiser, Angus Gallie has been inundated with offers of help.

As Angus says "Clarionistas, you're the best!"

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sadiq Mir: 2011 West Lothian Clarion BAR champ

Congratulations to Sadiq who is the club's 2011 Men's Best All Rounder. Stephen Darling and Grant Craven were the two other members who completed all the qualifying events. The trophy will be awarded at the Champions evening on 22 October. Get your tickets now!

Our sportive is made up from the average speeds af a rider's best 10TT, 25TT, 50TT and a sportive.

10, 25,  50, Sportive = Total
Sadiq Mir: 26.706,  24.390, 24.367, 13.494 = 22.239
Stephen Darling: 23.092, 22.704, 22.503, 20.475 = 22.193
Grant Craven: 22.360,  21.682, 21.684, 20.030 = 21.439

Sadiq will also be awarded the Tour de Trossachs Trophy, presented to the highest placed club member in that event. Here he is slogging up the Dukes pass in last year's race: