Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Our hand crafted podium has been delivered

Last week we put a call out to members to see if anyone could build a podium in time for the Kingscavil hill climb.

Within minutes Iain Elliott had volunteered his father-in-law Ron Day.

Ron is a retired carpenter and knows his dove tail from his bridle joints. In a couple of hours Ron had designed the podium, a set of three pods that sit one inside the other when stored. Ron worked through the evening and the next day it was ready to pick up!

Ron said "I went down to the lumber yard but the wood was really expensive so I found some odd bits in the garage and used them instead"

The Podium is very robust and stores easily, on Ron's advice we'll glue sand to the top for grip, and when we get a spare moment we''ll get it painted yellow by more Clarion elves.

Thanks Ron, a fantastic job, a big thank you from the Clarion for all your hard work.

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