Friday, 7 October 2011

Sadiq Mir: 2011 West Lothian Clarion BAR champ

Congratulations to Sadiq who is the club's 2011 Men's Best All Rounder. Stephen Darling and Grant Craven were the two other members who completed all the qualifying events. The trophy will be awarded at the Champions evening on 22 October. Get your tickets now!

Our sportive is made up from the average speeds af a rider's best 10TT, 25TT, 50TT and a sportive.

10, 25,  50, Sportive = Total
Sadiq Mir: 26.706,  24.390, 24.367, 13.494 = 22.239
Stephen Darling: 23.092, 22.704, 22.503, 20.475 = 22.193
Grant Craven: 22.360,  21.682, 21.684, 20.030 = 21.439

Sadiq will also be awarded the Tour de Trossachs Trophy, presented to the highest placed club member in that event. Here he is slogging up the Dukes pass in last year's race:

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