Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Kids club starts again on Wednesday 25th August

When: Every Wednesday at 6.30pm Starting on 25th August
Where: Linlithgow Leisure Centre
More details: http://www.westlothianclarion.co.uk/kidsclub.html

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Club Social on Monday 16th

It will be the THIRD Monday of the month so go along to the BLACK BULL in Mid Calder on the 16th. Have a chat and swap DVDs books and magazines.

Third Monday of the month
8.30pm the Black Bull, Mid Calder

First Monday of the month
8.30pm The Four Marys on Linlithgow Hight Street

See you there!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Get ready for Kingscavil

Are you ready for our the club's Hill Climb and Freewheel championship on Saturday September 11th?

Click here to see last year's photos

Click here for all the event details

Kirknewton Sustainable Transport Event

Saturday 14th August
4pm Kirknewton Park

Assortment of novelty bikes from Highland Perthshire Cycling Festival
Cycle Assault Course from Edinburgh Bike Station
Cycle Stunt team
Dr Bike - bring your bike for small repairs free of charge by Dr. Bike!
Electric bikes from the Edinburgh Cycle Company - have a go!
Cycle Circuit races for kids
Sign up for free cycle training from Edinburgh Bike Station - gain more confidence on the road.
Walking doctor from Living Streets - how to incorporate more walking into your daily life
Prize Draw - Two pedometers to be won!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

24 out with the clarion on the Saturday run

club run 7th august
The East Calder crew rode up to the Leisure Centre in Linlithgow for a quick jaunt around the new 2-up 10TT course, finishing up in the Cup Cake Cafe in Torphichen for some fine coffee and cakes.

24 riders were split into two groups, the faster Active group and the easier paced Social group for a ride up to Limerigg and Caldercruix, with the Active bunch finishing off with a tightly contested sprint at the 'Bordeaux style' 30-sign in Avon Bridge. It was narrowly won by new sprint king Craig Marshal (taking the crown from Mike Ewart who had to nip home early.)

After 30 miles at 19mph, the Active group split at Avon Bridge, with some heading home via Torphichen while the other half set off towards the Heights to get a few more miles in their legs.

Neil lead the group up from East Calder and said "Six riders met on Saturday at East Calder for the run over to Linlithgow. Neil Lovett, Rob Hemesley, John Craig, Steven Fleming and myself were privileged to be joined by Debbie on her new steed, the pristine white Merida!

In very pleasant conditions we took an easy run across to Lithgae to be met by 17 riders who had already assembled at the Leisure Centre.

Tobias, Dennis and Michelle opted to join us for the expanded Social ride whilst the remaining 14 went off on the active ride. The route headed off via Avonbridge towards Caldercruix on the new 10TT route, looping back round to return to Avonbridge, where Matthew, Donald and Andrew joined us. On a rare day there seemed to be no wind at all and after some initial gapping the bunch rode together well with multiple conversations to be heard!

Highlight of the day was definitely the Cup Cake Cafe - we will be there again for sure - in Torphichen to be followed by the lowlight shortly afterwards when a white van driver deliberately veered towards your truly, John and Debbie then swerved away at the last minute; our crime? Being there, of course...
Overall 53 miles at 13.8 mph - a very enjoyable morning's ride"

23 of the riders should be able to guess the answer to this week's where is it quiz as the two bunches passed by where the photo was taken...

Friday, 6 August 2010

The where is it quiz returns!

where is it quiz returns
Ok folks, we've not run a quiz for a while. Can you figure out where this lovely road is?

And the answer? Tobias got it spot on (see comments) It's the finishing straight for the club's 2-up time trial on Sunday 26th September.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

T shirts have arrived

Gold T shirt
bathgate alpes t shirt
contact secretary@westlothianclarion to pick yours up or if you would like to order one.

'Fraid the design idea for the Bathgate Alpes t shirt isn't new, if you want to get an original go here

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

EASTER Meet 2011: Get involved

Stirling Castle - Scotland

You may be aware that the West Lothian Clarion is hosting next year's National Clarion Easter Meet. This is the annual meet-up for all members of the National Clarion, from sections around the country, and is held in a different location every year. It is a well-established tradition, and includes the annual conference, the prizegiving for all those who have achieved medals and trophies in National Clarion events (some of the trophies are truly amazing with long histories), usually a race or two, a bit of social riding and a good bit of general socialising.

Some of us have been putting in a bit of organising ground work already, but we would love to hear from any WLC members who are keen to get involved. The location has been scouted and chosen, but there is still plenty to do. The next meeting will be a lunch at the Stirling Highland Hotel (our chosen location), which will give a chance to see what the place is truly like and plan some of the activities.

WHEN? 1pm, Saturday 18th Sept
Where? Stirling Highland Hotel

Please email Kirsty Ball on: kirstykirkpatrick[AT]yahoo.com if you want to get involved

10 TT series Champions

Allan McCrimmon
Diane Cox

Congratulations to Allan McCrimmon, Diane Cox and Blair Campbell who have won the Men's, Women's and Junior 10TT series respectively.

The series was made up of eleven 10 mile time trials, ridden every Thursday on the Bridgend to Kirkliston course, through out the summer. Almost 40 riders took part and tested themselves against the clock this year, many thanks to all the competitors who came along and supported the series.

It was Allan's second season racing time trials, having caught the bug last year when he joined the club. He was the most consistent performer week in week out, gradually knocking time off his best performances and finally piping John-Michael Howison in a very tightly contested competition.

Diane rode her first time trial this year and her strong performances and natural ability bode well for the future

At the start of the season the course record was broken 5 times over consecutive weeks by Matthew Ball and Jonathan Buckley, finally staying with Jonathan with an incredible 22.17, a massive one minute and 20 seconds quicker than the previous year.

John-Michael Howison and Grant Craven came second and third in the league respectively with both competitors riding their first time trials this year. They have shown a marked improvement in their performance over the course of the series, beating more experienced riders to the podium.

The series was organised by Steven Fraser who did a terrific job coordinating the volunteers, working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the event went ahead each week.

Members of the club share the responsibility of time keeping and pushing off the competitors, so a big thank you to all those who volunteered their time and kept the event on track.

The last race of the series was fittingly won by Alan last Thursday, here are the results, and the season long league table so you can check how you got on.

Week 11 Results
Name / Time / Points
A McCrimmon 25:39 / 20
L Parkinson 26:26 / 19
C McLaughlin 27:00 / 18
G Craven 27:12 / 17
R Hemesley 28:36 / 16
J O'Kane 28:41 / 15
S Andrews 32:11 / 14
T Beattie Pusher Off / 17
G Foster Timekeeper / 18

Name / Points / Attended

A McCrimmon / 177 / 10 (Men's champ)
J Howison / 147 / 8
G Craven / 117 / 7
J Buckley / 116 / 6
S Fraser / 109 / 7
M Ball / 91 / 5
R Hemesley / 86 / 6
C Humphries / 81 / 5
S Andrews / 68 / 5
L Callaghan / 62 / 4
D Campbell / 59 / 5
T Beattie / 57 / 4
S McCaw / 56 / 3
G Foster / 49 / 3
N Fraser / 46 / 3
D Cox / 40 / 3 (Women's champ)
A Richards / 37 / 3
K O'Hara / 34 / 2
J O'Kane / 33 / 2
A Brown / 31 / 2
D McTurk / 29 / 2
N Heyes / 19 / 2
L Parkinson / 19 / 1
C McLaughlin / 18 / 1
S McDowall / 17 / 1
D Hills / 17 / 2
A Gallie / 17 / 1
R Heyes / 16 / 1
A Morrell / 15 / 1
B Young / 14 / 1
P Hammond / 14 / 1
S Fleming / 14 / 1
B Morrell / 13 / 2
B Mackie / 10 / 1
D Ness / 9 / 1
L Gow / 8 / 1
D Pollard / 6 / 1
B Campbell / 5 / 1 (Junior champ)

Name / Time / Average speed

J Buckley / 22:17 / 26.93 mph
S McCaw / 22:37 / 26.53 mph
M Ball / 22:38 / 26.51 mph
J Howison / 25:01 / 23.98 mph
A McCrimmon / 25:32 / 23.50 mph
S McDowall / 26:09 / 22.94 mph
C Humphries / 26:13 / 22.89 mph
L Parkinson / 26:26 / 22.70 mph
A Morrell / 26:54 / 22.30 mph
L Callaghan / 26:58 / 22.25 mph
C McLaughlin / 27:00 / 22.22 mph
G Craven / 27:09 / 22.10 mph
N Heyes / 27:12 / 22.06 mph
B Young / 27:14 / 22.03 mph
N Fraser / 27:20 / 21.95 mph
K O'Hara / 27:47 / 21.60 mph
S Fraser / 27:51 / 21.54 mph
D McTurk / 27:58 / 21.45 mph
D Campbell / 28:14 / 21.25 mph
P Hammond / 28:14 / 21.25 mph
T Beattie / 28:21 / 21.16 mph
R Heyes / 28:26 / 21.10 mph
R Hemesley / 28:36 / 20.98 mph
J O'Kane / 28:41 / 20.92 mph
S Fleming / 29:19 / 20.47 mph
S Andrews / 29:27 / 20.37 mph
A Brown / 29:48 / 20.13 mph
L Gow / 30:31 / 19.66 mph
D Cox / 30:35 / 19.62 mph
A Richards / 30:40 / 19.57 mph
D Hills / 31:00 / 19.35 mph
G Foster / 31:05 / 19.30 mph
D Ness / 31:16 / 19.19 mph
B Mackie / 31:49 / 18.86 mph
B Morrell / 34:54 / 17.19 mph
B Campbell / 36:04 / 16.64 mph
D Pollard / 36:36 / 16.39 mph

Club 2-UP TT Championships Announced


The club confined 2-Up 10 time trial championships will now take place on Sunday 26th September at 10.30am on the new Limerigg Circuit.

This event is for teams of two riders who share the pace in the 10 mile race.

Kevin O'Hara has generously donated a trophy for the event and organiser Steven Fraser will run it as a handicap race so that every team of two will have an opportunity to win this prestigious event.

We are also looking for 4 volunteers to help run the event

The route as plotted on Bikely is linked www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Limerigg-10TT411560

For more details follow the thread on our forum: westlothianclarion.yuku.com/topic/1329

Club Hill Climb and Freewheel Championship


Date Saturday 11th September
Start: 9am start
Entry: FREE
Entires on the day? Yes
Location: Kingscavil

Roll up roll up, just over a month before the Angels of Kingscavil dance up the climb and the Demon's of Kingscavil descend like bricks.

Start those hill/cake reps in preparation...

The freewhweel championships will be down the hill opposite Kingscavil.

160KM Three Glens Explorer Audax


The club's Neil Fraser is organsing the Three Glens Explorer Audax this year.
It will start from Chalmers Hall in Linlithgow at 9.15am on Sunday 19th September
Entries must be in by 5th September.
It costs £5.50
Route map: www.bikeroutetoaster.com/Course.aspx?course=122851
You can get all the details from the Audax UK website: http://www.aukweb.net/cal/index.htm

Or follow the thread on our forum: http://westlothianclarion.yuku.com/topic/1037

Monday, 2 August 2010

CLUB SOCIAL tonight (Monday 2nd)

It will be the FIRST Monday of the month so go along to the THE FOUR MARYS in Linlithogow on the TONIGHT. Have a chat and swap DVDs books and magazines.

First Monday of the month
8.30pm The Four Marys on Linlithgow Hight Street

Third Monday of the month
8.30pm the Black Bull, Mid Calder