Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ride the last Individual 10TT of the series

Steven Fraser

Contrary to earlier reports, It really is the last Individual 10TT of our season long series tonight. So why not go along and have a race. Last week many of the riders broke their personal best times and the weather forecast looks good for tonight

Many thanks to Graham and Tom for timekeeping and pushing off

Sign on: 7pm-7.15pm in lay-by near Bridgend on B9080
Start: 7.30pm

Sunday, 25 July 2010

19 out on ladies bike ride


Many thanks to all the 19 riders who made the Ladies bike ride an excellent event, and especially to Debbie, Diane and Michelle who organised the event and to Eve who helped lead the ride.

The Ladies Bicycle ride organised by the West Lothian Clarion at the weekend was great pedal powered success. 19 Women joined in to ride along West Lothian's country lanes from Linlithgow to Dalmeney and back.

The group finished off at the Black Bitch where fabulous food was provided as a reward for the efforts of riding the 30 mile round trip.

The Clarion cycling club wants to encourage more women out on thier bikes and enjoy the freedom of cycling around our beautiful county, so three members, Debbie Pollard, Diane Cox and Michelle Gregory got together and planned out the women-only bike ride. They wanted as many ladies to come along so even changed the start time of the normal club cycle ride to suit more women.

Riders of all levels took part and there was a good mix of road bikes, hybrids and mountain bikes. The group was so big it had to be spit into two. Co organiser Debbie Pollard said "The sun was came out soon after starting, so most people ditched their jackets and we headed straight through Winchburgh and Kirkliston, stopping at the entrance to Dalmeny house for a snack and a bit of a blether."

"It was a thrill to see so many turn up, I wasn't expecting such a big group! Every one seemed to enjoy themselves, and those I spoke to said that they would try a club run, or would come back if we repeated something like todays ride."

Michelle said "The ride was certainly a challenge for some but a rewarding one, judging by the smiles and positive comments afterwards as people settled down for a drink and a bite to eat in the pub"

You didn't have to be super fit to ride, the emphasis was on getting out on two wheels and having some fun. Joan Hemesley liked this approach "We thought the promised lolly pops from our guide were just a bribe to get us to cycle uphill, so we were pleasantly surprised when we got to have an official lolly pop stop at the gates of Dalmeny Estate! We had a great afternoon of cycling and we're both looking forward to the next one."

Another rider, Katie Alps, normally cycles indoors at Spin classes but is keen to cycle more on the roads "I'm involved in Spinning (indoor cycling) throughout West Lothian, but my outdoor experience is fairly limited. This Clarion event was a great opportunity for women of all abilities to get outdoors and it's great to feel the wind in your face for a change. I'd thoroughly recommend anyone wishing to increase their confidence, outdoor cycling skills and fitness to get involved and give it a go!"

A few super keen riders even rode to the start and back, travelling more than 20 miles on top of actual club run.

Diane Cox says The club would like to thank all those who came along, for those who couldn't make it out we are planning another ladies bicycle ride in August"

For more details email or visit the club's website at

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Two Clarion Championships in August

Clarion 25 TT Champs
15th August
entries close 2nd August
Details here:

Clarion Road Race Champs
Oundle nr Peterborough
22nd August:
entries close 1st August
£15 entry to:
Details here:

See also the latest Boots & Spurs

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Open event marshals wanted

Falkirk BC are looking for volunteers to help marshall their Super Six race on 15th August
See the details here:

And as members of Mid Scotland Cycle Association, the club must provide marshals for the championship 50TT
See here for details

Can anyone help out?

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


It's your last chance to ride the TT series on Thursday, come along and put your name on the start sheet.
A time keeper and pusher-off are still required for the TT to go ahead, please click the link to volunteer

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

All new Boots & Spurs out now!


The National Clarion's member magazine should be dropping through your letter box this week. The latest issue has been revamped by Giles Perkins from North Cheshire Clarion (Editor), Matthew Ball (Designer) and Kirsty Ball (Sub Editor) from West Lothian Clarion.

It was printed by Steve Clarke and Richard Newcombe at Keyprint from Fenland Clarion

The cover illustration is by West Lothian's Garry Marshall

If you haven't received your copy email: secretary[AT]

Monday, 19 July 2010

National Clarion 50TT champs: results

Congratulations to Nick Hall from Bury, the 2010 National Clarion 50TT champ

1st Nick Hall - Bury, 2.06.07
2nd Andy Horner - Bury, 2.06.24
3rd Duncan McLaren - Stockport, 2.07.54
4th Ian Clarke - Fenland, 2.11.06
5th Derek Hodgins - Stockport, 2.13.10
6th Will Sanderson - Stockport, 2.13.20
7th David Mitchell - North Cheshire, 2.29.56

The event was a blustery, showery 3 laps of a circuit around Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, the J4/16. The wind direction was probably the worst direction it could be which accounted for a slightly slower time than last year's Championships.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tour De France Social

Watch Cavendish win the final gallop down the Champs-Élysées, while having a drink and a blether with you club mates

Sunday 25th July 2pm
Black Bitch, Linlithgow
Snacks provided

See you there!

Jules at the Masters Track Champs

Next slide
Next slide

Read all about how our track specialist, Julie Dominguez, got on at the Masters Track Champs

Click link:

Photo by

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Clarion Ladies Bike Ride announced


West Lothian Clarion want to get more women riding bikes so we've organised a ladies only club run, open to all levels of riders. It'll be a social ride so the group will cycle at the speed of the slowest rider and no one will get left behind.

Come along with whatever style of bike you own and enjoy riding 25 miles worth of West Lothian's country lanes. After the ride everyone is welcome to come along to the club's Tour de France social at the Black Bitch in Linlithgow

Date: 25 July 2010
Time: meet from 12 noon onwards for a 12:30 departure
Place: Linlithgow Leisure Centre
Ride details: A guided ride from Linlithgow to Dalmenny, arriving back in Linlithgow at approx 2:30 to 3:00 pm
Standard: All welcome. Any style of bike in good working order.
Contact: Diane, Debbie or Michelle on
What to bring: Drink, snacks, spare inner tube. If you do not have quick release wheels then bring a tool for undoing your wheel in case of a puncture.There is the option to join in the Tour de France social at the Black Bitch pub afterwards so bring money for drinks.

This is a club led ride but riders ride at their own risk.

Well done Michelle!

Read All about Michelle's ride at the Marmot Sportive:

Week 8 TT results

John Michael Howison extends his lead in the men's competition, putting him 7 points in front of Allan McCrimmon. In the Women's event Diane Cox is now on 40 points (15th overall) and 32 in front of Lynne Gow

J Howison 25:9 20
C Humphries 26:13 19 (PB)
A McCrimmon 26:17 18
S Fraser 29:28 17
D Cox 30:59 16

D Campbell DNF
N Fraser DNF

S Andrews P 17
J Buckley T 18

Many thanks to Jonathan & Stuart for officiating.

PB ride by Colin Humphries tonight - well done

Special mention for Dean who suffered a puncture between Kirkliston & Winchburgh and must have walked a couple of miles in his cleats before I managed to get back and pick him up near to the Murco garage.


League Standings

J Howison 147
A McCrimmon 140
J Buckley 116
M Ball 91
S Fraser 90
C Humphries 81
G Craven 80
L Callaghan 62
S McCaw 56
R Hemesley 54
S Andrews 54
N Fraser 46
D Campbell 42
T Beattie 40
D Cox 40
A Richards 37
A Brown 31
G Foster 31
D McTurk 29
N Heyes 19
J O'Kane 18
S McDowall 17
D Hills 17
A Gallie 17
K O'Hara 16
R Heyes 16
A Morrell 15
B Young 14
P Hammond 14
S Fleming 14
B Morrell 13
B Mackie 10
D Ness 9
L Gow 8
D Pollard 6
B Campbell 5

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Linlithgow club social on Monday

It will be the FIRST Monday of the month so go along to the THE FOUR MARYS in Linlithogow on the 5th. Have a chat and swap DVDs books and magazines.

Third Monday of the month
8.30pm the Black Bull, Mid Calder

First Monday of the month
8.30pm The Four Marys on Linlithgow Hight Street

Coming soon...
The club's Tour de France social will take place at the Black Bitch in Linlithgow on Sunday July 25th with snacks provided.

Week 7 TT series results

Lining up

Despite the low dark grey clouds - the rain stayed away and 8 turned out to ride. Well done to Alan McCrimmon who shaved 19 seconds off his PB.

John Michael continues to lead the men's competition and Diane Cox extended her lead in the women's competition

The series will continue on the Bridgend-Kirkliston but we still need a time-keeper and pusher off for week 8 on Thursday July 8th Please click here to volunteer

Week 7 Results

J Buckley 22:44 20
J Howison 25:05 19
A McCrimmon 25:32 18
G Craven 27:09 17
D Campbell 28:48 16
R Hemesley 29:11 15
S Fleming 29:19 14
D Cox 30:39 13

Timekeeper: C Humphries 18pts
Pushing Off: T Beattie 17 pts

Current Standings after week 7

J Howison 127
A McCrimmon 122
J Buckley 98
M Ball 91
G Craven 80
S Fraser 73
L Callaghan 62
C Humphries 62
S McCaw 56
R Hemesley 54
N Fraser 46
D Campbell 42
T Beattie 40
A Richards 37
S Andrews 37
A Brown 31
G Foster 31
D McTurk 29
D Cox 24 (First Woman)
N Heyes 19
J O'Kane 18
S McDowall 17
D Hills 17
A Gallie 17
K O'Hara 16
R Heyes 16
A Morrell 15
B Young 14
P Hammond 14
S Fleming 14
B Morrell 13
B Mackie 10
D Ness 9
L Gow 8
D Pollard 6
B Campbell 5

New place to place records

Debbie Pollard

In the last few weeks two new records have been established for the Sea to Sky challenge, the club's place to place record from Blackness (at sea level) to the Knock (highest point in West Lothian) and back

Debbie Pollard has set a women's record of 1 hour 32 minutes for the challenge. Debbie said "Everything seemed to go just right today. I was well hydrated to start, so needed to drink very little on the ride, I think the wind helped too - it was cooling without causing a hindrance, and the roads were nice and dry. I'm not sure I'll better that time! So any other ladies out there going to give it a bash"?

Steve McCaw continued rewriting the clubs record books by getting close to the hour in his first attempt this year with a time of 1.0.33. Steve said his record was inspired by Debbies attempt, "Debbie inspired me to have a shot so got up today and fitted the new climbing wheels and had a go. Wasn't too bad a morning, quite warm with a moderate South West wind."

Also having a crack in the same week was Colin Humphries. Colin took a wrong turn but still managed the third fastest PB in a time of 1.06.55. Colin said "It was gusty on the way up and I took a wrong turn, but noticed my error fairly quickly so only a wee bit of time and momentum lost"

There are now road works on the route so the next attempt won't be until they have cleared. Click here for all the details

Thursday, 1 July 2010

In pursuit of a fast time

Go-Ride score board

65 kids took part in West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club's Go-Ride Pursuit races at the weekend. The races were part of the activities that included an obstacle course, go-slow race, bike doctor and bike treasure hunt at the LinlithGo Bike Fun Day at Springfield Primary in Linlithgow.

The racing followed the the same format as the pursuit at the Beijing Olympics where Britain's Bradley Wiggins won gold. Competitors start at either side of the track and try to catch each other as they race round.

The pursuit was run as two laps around 150M oval, marked on the school playing field. Kids as young as two and as old as 12 caught the racing bug, with many coming back for more to try and beat their previous time. 12 year old Calum Hopwood posted the fastest boys time of the day with Amber Fagan, also 12, just behind, with the fastest girls time.

Organiser Matthew Ball said "It was thrilling to see kids racing and having a great time, with many coming back to beat their best times. they loved the freedom of being able to race round the track. You never know we might have inspired another Olympic champion!"

The final race of the day was a bunch sprint called the 'Devil', where the last rider from the bunch is pulled out each lap, until two riders are left to battle out the sprint. Cameron Mason, 10, lead through out the race and managed to hold on (just) to win by a wheel from his brother Jamie.

LinlithGo is a new group promoting sustainable transport in Linlithgow and has been awarded a grant by the Climate Challenge Fund to run a project with the aim of reducing car usage by between the Springfield area and Linlithgow town centre.

As well as racing, there was a Bike Doctor a bike treasure hunt, an obstacle course, a go slow race, a Sustrans stall, home baked refreshments, bike trailer hire and stalls from pressure groups like Spokes and Linlithgow Cycle Action Group

Many thanks to everyone who took part and helped out and especially West Lothian Council who marked out the track.

Results (age in brackets)

1. Calum Hopwood (12) 0:42
2 .Cameron Mason (9) 0:45
3. Iain Banks (11) 0:46
4. Jamie Mason (12) 0:47
4. Neil Hemingway (11) 0:47
4. Amber Fagan (12) 0:47
7. Andrew Fischbacher (11) 0:48
8. Olly Bailey (10) 0:49
9. Laura Hopwood (9) 0:50
10. Katie Slesser (12) 0:54
11. Tom Lawrence (7) 0:55
12. Beth Hopwood (9) 0:56
12. Sarah Macdonald (8) 0:56
14. Clare Fischbacher (10) 0:57
14. Michael Brockelbank (11) 0:57
16. Scott Banks (8) 1:00
16. Matthew Scholes (11) 1:00
18. Sarah Begarnie (11) 1:01
18. Alexnder Hay (8) 1:01
18. Alex Ball (8) 1:01
21. Rosie Slesser (7) 1:06
21. David Featherstone (8) 1:06
23. Adam Murphy (7) 1:08
23. Grant Findlater (8) 1:08
25. Andrew Begarnie (9) 1:09
26. James Dunlop (6) 1:11
27. Eilidh McFadden (8) 1:13
28. Erin Murphy (8) 1:14
29. Connor Little (5) 1:15
29. Conor McPhilips (5) 1:15
29. Ethan Beddard (5) 1:15
29. Beth Pollard (8) 1:15
33. Grace Weyzig (8) 1:19
34. Kara Scott (6) 1:23
35. Dougie Fleming (7) 1:24
35. Chloe Mason (10) 1:24
35. Jamie Glendinning (8) 1:24
35. Alex McLeod (6) 1:24
39. Murray Johnstone (6) 1:26
40. Ben Hunter (7) 1:29
41. Jessica Purbrick (9) 1:30
42. Esther Begarnie (5) 1:35
43. Kyle Mason (6) 1:43
44. Mark Fraser (6) 1:44
44. Connor Buchan (6) 1:44
46. Alistair Mitchell (4) 1:45
47. Lucas Ruffles (4) 1:52
47. Katy Whiteford (6) 1:52
49. Ben Beddard (3) 2:08
49. Iona McPhillips (6) 2.08
51. Sam Featherstone (4) 2:11
51. Lewis Humphries (4) 2:11
51. Ella Bisht (5) 2:11
54. Ross Murphy (4) 2:12
54. Harris Humphries (4) 2:12
56. Rosey Whiteford (4) 2:18
57. Harvey Young (6) 2:24
58. Lewis Smith (4) 2:26
58. Iona Hamilton (5) 2:26
60. Aiden Mochrie (5) 2:27
60. Finnegan Guest (4) 2:27
62. Harry Bisht (3) 2:20
63. Joseph Glendinning (4) 2:46
64. Calum Vidler (3) 2:47
65. Jo Jo Begarnie (2) 2:50

New club '50' record

Congratulations to the clubs' top tester, Steve McCaw, who rode the Scottish 50 TT championships and broke the club record by an astonishing seven minutes on Sunday. Steve continues the story...

Went up to Invergordon to ride this yesterday. It was a good course based on part of the A9 as well a a small B road, it made the route quite complicated, but it was well marshalled. A top field with all the seeded riders at 2 minute intervals at the end.

Warming up on the rollers before hand it was dry and warm with no wind but as I headed down to the start the wind had started to pick up. I set off early in the field with only 4 riders off in front of me and on the 8 mile stretch of  B road I had caught them so up on to the first part of A9 on my own.

It was very smooth and flat with a tail wind and I was running out of gears quite quickly, which meant that in 4 miles when I turned round, it was going to be hard ! Round the turn and the wind didn't disappoint, the next 45 minutes were into a really hard head/crosswind, it was a real slog to the far turn and no riders to chase either, so just buckle down to the effort and focus.

Round the far turn(eventually), quick drink from the bottle and back on the tri bars, click , click, click up through the gears again and really moving now with the wind helping, trying to gauge how I am doing, Steve Beech passes in the other direction and I think I am up on him, so I'm doing ok and feel reasonable, try to up the effort a bit but save something for the last 8 miles (Steve beech told me before the start these last 8 would be tough).

Am really moving now in the tailwind and it's tempting to give it everything but I gear down on the small rises and keep the cadence high, Julie shouts from bridge over the road but can't really see her on this low pro TT position. I see the marshalls ahead so I know it's off the A9 and onto the back road, 8 miles to the finish into the wind, I sit up and ease my back as I go down the slip road and think about a sip from my bottle but feel ok so don't, and back on the tri bars into that wind again!

It was hard, right on the Cromarty Firth, with the wind coming off the sea, and I was tired now but could see I might be on a PB so kept it up as best I could, through small villages you got a brief respite from the wind but out the other side it was back into grinding away as best I could.

Two miles to go and I'm giving it everything, eyeballs out as they say, and can see what I think is the finish, just along the coast so don't let up at all, then Julie is shouting at the side of the road so i know it's close so change up a gear and try a seated sprint - there is no way i can stand up - and cross the line, look at the watch 1-57-56.

Just glad it's all over and slump on the grass for 10 minutes. Can barely pedal back to the strip to get changed but I can now relax and watch the others come in. Pleased with my time and wonder how I will fare in the final standings.

Here are the first ten

01:50:50 Carlos Riise Shetland Wh V40
01:52:59 Ray Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles S
01:53:55 James Cusick Glasgow Couriers V40
01:54:11 Mark Atkinson Sandy Wallace Cycles S
01:54:50 Ian Black Sandy Wallace Cycles V40
01:55:55 Steve McIntosh Granite City V40
01:57:56 Steve McCaw Lothian Clarion V40
01:58:09 Thomas Gordon Dooleys Cycles V40
01:58:47 Graeme Cockburn Glasgow Night V40
01:59:29 Matthew Powell RAF CC S