Saturday, 3 July 2010

New place to place records

Debbie Pollard

In the last few weeks two new records have been established for the Sea to Sky challenge, the club's place to place record from Blackness (at sea level) to the Knock (highest point in West Lothian) and back

Debbie Pollard has set a women's record of 1 hour 32 minutes for the challenge. Debbie said "Everything seemed to go just right today. I was well hydrated to start, so needed to drink very little on the ride, I think the wind helped too - it was cooling without causing a hindrance, and the roads were nice and dry. I'm not sure I'll better that time! So any other ladies out there going to give it a bash"?

Steve McCaw continued rewriting the clubs record books by getting close to the hour in his first attempt this year with a time of 1.0.33. Steve said his record was inspired by Debbies attempt, "Debbie inspired me to have a shot so got up today and fitted the new climbing wheels and had a go. Wasn't too bad a morning, quite warm with a moderate South West wind."

Also having a crack in the same week was Colin Humphries. Colin took a wrong turn but still managed the third fastest PB in a time of 1.06.55. Colin said "It was gusty on the way up and I took a wrong turn, but noticed my error fairly quickly so only a wee bit of time and momentum lost"

There are now road works on the route so the next attempt won't be until they have cleared. Click here for all the details

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