Thursday, 30 June 2011


The West Lothian Clarion AGM will be held at the Linlithgow Rose Social Club on Wednesday 14th September at 7.30pm

More details shortly

Thursday night is Tripple T night

During the Summer break from the TT series we are running training sessions on a Thursday evening at 7pm starting from the layby at Bridgend where the 10TT series sign on normally is.

The emphasis will be on group skills, getting riders ready for the Team Time Trial at the end of July

We'll be splitting the riders into equal ability groups so come along and get in some extra training

See you there at 7pm 

Tour De France Social and Club Run

Come along to our Tour de France Club Run and Social on Saturday 16 July.

"Le Tour de Bathgate Alpes" will replace the advertised club run, and start a little later, at 11.00am from the Linlithgow Leisure Centre

The route takes in in 19 of the climbs in our local cycling mecca.

Click to see Tour de Bathgate Alpes Route

After completing the ride head over to the Linlithgow Sports Centre to watch the tour live in TV and indulge in the free grub that we are providing

Location: Linlithgow Sports club in Springfield:

ITV4 coverage starts at 11.30am and continues to 4.30, we'll be arriving at the venue for 1pm.

Please let Stephen Henley, our Social Secretary know if you are coming so he can buy the right amount of grub. Either by posting on the forum or emailing him directly


Stage 14 which is described as follows:

Saint-Gaudens to Plateau de Beille 168.5km

"This short stage will involve no less than six mountain passes ensuring that it will be very tough: the Col de Portet-d’Aspet, the Col de la Core, the Col de Latrape, the Col d’Agnes, the Port de Lers, and the finish on the Plateau de Beille for the fifth time. History will remember that the winner on the Plateau de Beille has always worn the Yellow Jersey on the Champs Élysées podium. Will the tradition be maintained this year?"

So there you have it, don't miss:
1. A tough wee club run
2. Live coverage of the best stage in this year's tour
3. FREE food
4. Beer on tap
5. Cheer Brad on with your club mates

See you there!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Weekend club run details

Neil Greer sends in this weeks club run details

This week's club runs - on the other side of the Summer Solstice - are as follows:

Saturday 25-Jun-11
Route: LangWAng Route
Start: 9.00 am
Ride Leader(s): TBA

Saturday 25th-Jun-11
Route: Carnwath / Apple Pie
Start8.00 am

The forecast is showing 15C, Fair with a 2mph SW, so, whilst not what we may expect for Mid Summer, pretty much ideal rding conditions (and that'll be because a lot of Galas are now over!)

Meet at the Cross, Linlithgow at 9 am, route to be decided on the day.

As for me, I shall be away with my family where all 4 of us are entered for the Northern Rock Cyclone - that's a 1st for us too! - so hope all goes well for those of you that can manage the Club Runs this week-end.

See you next week-end for the Combined Club run over the Two Bridges.

Please read our RIDE GUIDE before you come along on the rides

Please also make sure you've familiarised yourself with the route, don't expect others to know the way




Our biggest ever field - 22 riders, turned out on a less than perfect evening last Thursday for our club 2-UP time trial champs.

The racing was close, with some fine performances and tight racing formations, as the photos from Gordon Scott and Iain Elliott prove.

The winners were the 'super team' made up of the TT series second and first place riders, John Michael Howison and Brian Mclellan.

A special mention must go to Team Grear - Neil and his son Callum, both riding a time trial for the first time, and also to Gordon Bonallo who was press-ganged into making up a team with Diane Cox.

1st, 25:19, John Howison & Brian McLellan
2nd, 25:55, Mark Ewing & Gordon McKenzie
3rd, 26:31, Colin Humphries & Allan McCrimmon
4th, 26:43, Andrew Baird & Matt Ball
5th, 26:52, Steve Fleming & Grant Craven
6th, 26:53, Angus Gallie & Steve Darling
7th, 27:18, Graeme Horne & Neil Heyes
8th, 27:28, Chris Downey & Mark McCabe
9th, 29:48, Diane Cox & Gordon Bonallo
10th, 29:56, Craig Duncan & Dave Dourley
11th, 35:24, Calum Greer & Neil Greer

Winners Brian and John-Michael

TT Results week 5

Bright sunshine gave the race an unusual quality - almost summer weather!

Frank Anderson knocked out the fastest TT of the year, beating riders almost half his age. Frank has got form though, he was a top tester before he hung up his wheels in the 1980s

1st 20pts Frank Anderson, 24:40:00
2nd 19 pts, Brian McLellan, 25:08:00
3rd 18 pts, John Howison, 25:12:00
4th 17 pts, Ian Drummond, 25:49:00
5th 16 pts, Ian Elliot, 26:04:00
6th 15 pts, Duncan Ewing, 27:04:00
7th, 14 pts, Steve Fleming, 27:39:00
8th, 13 pts, Kevin O'Hara, 27:50:00
9th, 12 pts, Tom Beattie, 28:15:00
10th, 11 pts, Neil Heyes, 28:34:00
11th, 10 pts, Jim McDonald, 29:22:00
12th, 9 pts, Donald Pettigrew, 30:44:00
13th, 8 pts, Simon Bain, 33:16:00

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Weekend club runs for 11th and 12th June

Club Captain, Neil Greer, sends details of this weekends club runs...

Before you come on a club run please familiarise yourself with the route map for each ride (below).
Don't expect others to know the way. 

Please also read our club run guidlines:

Hi All,

Although not heavily attended, last week's combined club run was much enjoyed by all and I had several queries about this week-end's runs.

So, they are:

Saturday 11-Jun-11
Route: Forth Climpy
Start: 9.00 am

East Calder
Saturday 11-Jun-11
Route: Tour of the Pentlands
Start8.00 am

The queries were mostly about the Tour of the Pentlands run from East Calder. After some discussions with the EC regulars it has been agreed that riders should probably allow 7 to 8 hours overall for this run (assuming no repeat of the 6 punctures experienced last year!) including fitting in 2 "re-fuelling " stops; so this won't be a "Hammerfest", more of a "Classic Club Run".

This is a great ride heading out the back lanes of Auchengray/Woolfords before crossing the Lang Whang then descending (and climbing!) down to Biggar.

The first (yes, first!) Cafe break will either be here (c. 28m) or at Broughton (c.33m) on the junction of the A701. The route then drops down into the Tweed valley passing by Stobo before turning back NW towards Romannobridge and West Linton. From there there is an arrow straight NE run across the moor to Penicuik (brilliant chain-gang opportunity here...) where it is most likely the 2nd Cafe break (c. 60 m) will be.

After riding through the outskirts of Auld Reekie the route then turns SW along the Lang Whang passing through Juniper Green, Currie, Balerno and finally returning to ECSC again, probably between 3 pm and 4 pm.

The forecast look excellent, with 10 - 12 C , Fair and a 4 mph N; pretty much perfect by my reckoning. Of course, it can change.....

Sunday Run
For Sunday, there will be the usual chance to meet at the Cross in Linlithgow at 9 am and venture off wherever you decide...possibly on the TdP recovery ride!

So, who fancies joining us on this run into the Borders?



PS - Just a reminder that the EC run will leave at 8am....

Club confined Best All Rounder - Woman's Competition

Race Secretary, Grant Craven, sends in confirmation of the women's Best All Rounder details

Just drawing attention to the fact that there is a separate woman's competition for the B.A.R. which encompasses an open 10 and 25 TT plus a sportive over 100km. Lets see if we can get some ladies entering this, just post any times on the relevant associated threads.

See forum for details:



Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Clarion Cambusbarron 10TT results

Our open 10 TT organiser Tobias Bauer has finalised the results:

Thanks to all the volunteers in the club who helped out today (Jim, Angus, Kerstin, Dean, Andy, Allan, Neil H., Tom, Matt, Ian, Grant, Foz and the bakers/food prepareres like Debbie and Kirsty - sorry if I missed anyone but I did get up at 4:30am) As always, this event would not have happened without you.

Overall, the TT was quite a success I thought. Plenty of positive feedback from riders, too.

So, here are the results

1 Doyle, Arthur Dooleys RT S 21.09
2 Thomson, Alan Glasgow Couriers S 21.32
3 Goldworthy, Silas Sandy Wallace CC S 21.42
4 Greengrass, Jeremy Vortex Race Team V 22.27
5 Cockburn, Graeme Glasgow Wheelers V 22.31
6 Humphreys, Ian Sandy Wallace CC V 22.46
7 McCaw, Steve West Lothian Clarion V 22.49
8 Wilson-Young, Jessica Edinburgh RC F 23.08
9 McMillan, Derek St Christophers CC V 23.10
10 McGarrity, Gerry Inverclyde Velo S 23.17
11 Millar, David Glasgow Couriers V 23.17
12 Lock, Matt Velocity 44 V 23.31
13 Tovey, Sian Dooleys RT F 23.34
14 Robinson, David North Argyll CC V 23.35
15 Kirkham, Douglas Musselburgh RCC V 23.39
16 Wards, David West Lothian Clarion V 23.44
17 Mir, Sadiq West Lothian Clarion S 23.49
18 Pritchard, David Kennoway RC V 23.53
19 Durnan, Gordon G3r V 24.02
20 Ferguson, Mike Johnstone Wheelers V 24.04
21 Anderson, John Glasgow Couriers V 24.06
22 McLean, Christine Shetland Wheelers FV 24.06
23 Cullen, Peter Stirling BC S 24.09
24 Solway, Alan Kennoway RC V 24.17
25 Gillespie, Colin St Christophers CC V 24.22
26 Kane, Wilson East Kilbride RC V 24.25
27 Christie, Kenneth Johnstone Wheelers S 24.30
28 Anderson, Paul Musselburgh RCC V 24.32
29 Easton, Stuart Stirling BC V 24.32
30 Balden, Greg Johnstone Wheelers S 24.50
31 Howison, John-Michael West Lothian Clarion S 25.03
32 Humphries, Colin West Lothian Clarion S 25.07
33 Reade, Richard VC Glasgow South S 25.14
34 Taylor, Bob Dooleys RT V 25.17
35 McGowan, Craig unattached S 25.19
36 Meikle, Colin St Christophers CC V 25.28
37 Cunningham, Ross Glenmarnock Wheelers S 25.42
38 McFarlane, Neil Falkirk BC V 25.54
39 Darling, Stephen West Lothian Clarion S 25.59
40 Johnston, Gordon Sandy Wallace CC V 26.00
41 Munro, William Glasgow Wheelers V 26.03
42 Muir, Neil Edinburgh RC V 26.07
43 Lowden, Elaine Glasgow Wheelers F 26.11
44 Binning, Iain Stirling BC V 26.11
45 Brown, Graeme East Kilbride RC V 26.18
46 Hornby, Paul Thomas Glasgow Ivy CC V 26.19
47 Henderson, Ian Cromarty Firth CC V 26.23
48 Campbell, Ivor Rock and Road V 26.26
49 Lawson, Alistair Musselburgh RCC V 26.30
50 Walker, Russell Glenmarnock Wheelers V 26.47
51 Cooper, Robert Stirling BC V 26.51
52 Nicholson, Jenni Sandy Wallace CC FV 27.02
53 Barnett, Debbie Yelo Velo F 27.21
54 Scott, Aileen Fusion Triathlon FV 27.22
55 Evans, Jeremy unattached S 27.26
56 Beattie, Tom West Lothian Clarion V 27.39
57 Fletcher, Isobel Glasgow Wheelers FV 27.56
58 Wren, Katherine Stirling BC FV 28.03
59 Dobbie, John Kennoway RC V 30.07
60 Stewart, Andrew Dunfermeline CC V 30.35
61 Devlin, Michael St Christophers CC V 31.35
62 Gregory, Michelle West Lothian Clarion F DNS
63 Easson, Eric Glasgow Wheelers V DNS
64 Adams, Charles VC Glasgow South V DNS
65 King, Ian Velocity 44 V DNS
66 Duguid, Iain V DNS
67 Newton, Graham unattached S DNS
68 Smith, Jeremy Kelso Wheelers V DNS
69 Walker, David Kelso Wheelers V DNS
70 Underwood, Andrew Simon Glasgow Wheelers S DNS

This make the fastest riders overall:

Jessica Wilson-Young (lady) 23.28
Arthur Doyle (senior) 21.06
Jeremy Greengrass (vet) 22.27
Fastest team: Glasgow Couriers 68.55 (combined)

Fastest Clarion rider was Mr McCaw at 22.49. Well done indeed. And well done to all the other WLC riders.


Friday, 3 June 2011

TT series results: Week 4

The weather this week was good for the first time this season and the results certainly improved on previous weeks. Well done to those with a new p.b.

Mandy McCall broke the women's course record - well done Mandy!

The field is also the largest we've ever had in the series

1st place, 20 points, Brian McLellan, 24.49
2nd, 19 pts, John Howison, 24.51
3rd, 18 pts, Steve Darling, 25.58
4th, 17 pts, Ian Elliott, 26.20
5th, 16pts, Grant Craven, 26.33
6th, 15 pts, Charles McLaughlin, 26.37
7th, 14 pts, Angus Gallie, 27.03
8th, 13 pts, Alan McCrimmon, 27.33
9th, 12 pts, Mandy McCall, 27.36 (1st lady)
10th, 11 pts, Neil Wilson, 27.42
11th, 10 pts, Neil Heyes, 28.07
12th, 9 pts, Stuart Bird, 28.41
13th, 8 pts, Dave Adams, 29.08
14th, 7 pts, Craig Duncan, 29.51
15th, 6 pts, Dean Campbell, 29.54
16th, 5 pts, Jim MacDonald, 30.32
17th, 4 pts, Martin Greig, 31.07
18th, 3 pts, Bruce Mackie, 32.56
19th, 2 pts, Avril Roy, 33.06
20th, 1 pt, Dave Hills, 33.17

Thanks go to the time-keeper, Steve Fleming (18 pts) and pusher-off, John Hanlin (17 pts).

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Club socials - twice a month

We meet up on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. Come along and chat about the weekend's riding, swap dvds and books and plan your next big event.

First Monday of the month
8.30pm The Four Marys on Linlithgow Hight Street

Third Monday of the month
8.30pm the Black Bull, Mid Calder

See you there!

Double up for an East Calder and Linlithgow combined run on Saturday

Club Captain, Neil Greer sets us straight about this weekend's club runs - don't forget the about the East Calder and Linlithgow meet up

Hi All,

This week's club run, being the 1st Saturday of the month, is the Combined Run to Caldercruix (and given the CCCCCCCC moniker last time we did this run - prizes for anyone who can remember what that stands for!)


So, meet at Linlithgow at 8.50 am for a 9 am depart and at 7.50 am for an 8 am depart for the East Calder Riders riders.

There will be the usual Active and Social groups swelled by the increased numbers from the combined ride.

The forecast looks a tad mixed, with 10C, poss. light showers and an 11 mph N/E

Meet at The Cross for a 9 am depart, route to be decided on the day.

So, who will be riding this week-end?

Sign up on the forum:

Please read our RIDE GUIDE before you come along on the rides: