Thursday, 23 June 2011


Our biggest ever field - 22 riders, turned out on a less than perfect evening last Thursday for our club 2-UP time trial champs.

The racing was close, with some fine performances and tight racing formations, as the photos from Gordon Scott and Iain Elliott prove.

The winners were the 'super team' made up of the TT series second and first place riders, John Michael Howison and Brian Mclellan.

A special mention must go to Team Grear - Neil and his son Callum, both riding a time trial for the first time, and also to Gordon Bonallo who was press-ganged into making up a team with Diane Cox.

1st, 25:19, John Howison & Brian McLellan
2nd, 25:55, Mark Ewing & Gordon McKenzie
3rd, 26:31, Colin Humphries & Allan McCrimmon
4th, 26:43, Andrew Baird & Matt Ball
5th, 26:52, Steve Fleming & Grant Craven
6th, 26:53, Angus Gallie & Steve Darling
7th, 27:18, Graeme Horne & Neil Heyes
8th, 27:28, Chris Downey & Mark McCabe
9th, 29:48, Diane Cox & Gordon Bonallo
10th, 29:56, Craig Duncan & Dave Dourley
11th, 35:24, Calum Greer & Neil Greer

Winners Brian and John-Michael

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