Monday, 19 January 2009

Order your Kit

Message form Bill the kit coordinator:

Please can you take the time to complete a kit order form as per the spread sheet which Matt will send out to members via email. Select the kit type you require from the brochure (which Matt will also email) and enter the size and amount of garments that you would like to order. Print this off and come and see me at the AGM on Thursday 29th January

As you can see from the discount structure below it will be advantageous if everyone orders at the same time as we will not be able to re-order until we have the minimum garment amount to do so. On top of the discount being offered as standard Endura have promised us an additional 5% if we complete our order by the end of January so again very important that we get the maximum order into them.

At the AGM please come armed with cash/cheque book to pay the full amount on the night for your order as we will NOT be doing the 50% up front and the balance when kit arrives due to the logistics of collecting the outstanding amounts.

I would appreciate if you could have everything to hand on the night of the AGM and I will have sample sizes of most items for everyone to try on if they are unsure about the sizing. Generally Endura are a size down from most other manufacturers as their garments are on the large side.


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