Monday, 19 January 2009

Sunday Run Report: 18th Jan

Neil and Jim were the two brave souls who ventured out from Linlithgow on Sunday. Jim says "Neil and I did about 16 miles or so, up through Whitecross, Maddiston and the hilly back road to Avonbridge, through some dodgy snowy sections, before returning via Standburn and Muiravonside to Linlithgow. The wind was freezing! I went back out in the afternoon and did a loop of Bo'ness including the Flints, up Carriden Brae and the Red Brae, then up to Philipstoun, Winchburgh, Faucheldean and back via Ochiltree. I'm only just getting the feeling back in my face!"

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Foz72 said...

Brave indeed. I got out on Saturday for about 3.5 hours on my MTB and the lower speeds/better shelter made the cold feel not too bad.

Had a comedy stand off with an irate ram on the right of way from Standburn to Candie and found out that the drove road from Easter Carriber up towards Cockleroy seems to be a very steep dead-end (unless anyone knows better?). It's just a matter of keep the fire burning any way you can this time of year!