Monday, 19 January 2009

Saturday Run 17/01/09

Saturday Run 17/01/09, originally uploaded by westlothianclarion.

A wet, wintery morning soon turned into one of the best days of the year. The quality of light was superb and the long shadows cast across the lanes and fields showed how picturesque West Lothian can be. Andy and Mandy on the tandem were joined by six others: Matt, Mike, Tobias, Andy and newbies Steve (who lives 1/4 mile form the KWM! and Craig from Grangemouth.

Andy said "Great run today, we wentent alot of back roads via the Alps, and Philipstoun towards Blackness, Hopetoun estate Winchburgh and over the hills to the KWM. Myself and Mandy then went on a bit extra to Torphican, Westfield, Avonbridge, Caldercruix, Blackridge, Armadale and home to Bathgate, had 58 miles when we got home about 13:40. Missed all the rain but the wind drained the legs a bit."

Mike and Matt were the only two contesting the 30 sprints, sharing the glory one-a-piece. Craig and Steve did themselves proud and and fitted into the group easily.

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