Friday, 30 January 2009

Mr Wake's Tenerife Training Trip

Not sure I can recommend Tenerife as a roadie location: the roads are maybe a little too tough for the turn of the year (for me anyhow) and later on it'll be too busy (the Masca road was already too busy when we were there) and too hot. Not enough of the EEC money had made it down to the road surfaces either. There were some great approach climbs to Mt Teide though, and a fantastic inversion layer all 3 times we were up. By the end of the week we were convinced that Haimar Zubeldia was stalking us (met him 3 times). Might have had more positive things to say if we hadn't had 2 days stolen from the middle of the holiday by illness but as a cycling holiday island, Mallorca wins out every time. Think I'll go back to Switzerland next; seems to make me moan less!
Malcolm Wake


Anonymous said...

Nice report Malcolm. Tenerife appeals to me but I know there can be some busy roads around the main resorts. Nice of Zubeldia to pose for a pic..

Anonymous said...

Just in case there's any Astana lawyers viewing (I know they must watch this blog day and night) Snr Zubeldia was resplendant in Astana team kit and Trek team bike. That's a library pic supplied by Matt as he's fo fast on the climbs that I didn't manage to get my camera out before he'd gone.
Cheers WM.