Monday, 5 January 2009

Sunday 28th Ride Report

Grant, newbie Kev, Andy, Stevie, Matt and MIke set off towards Kincardine for the loop around the 2 bridges. The pack kept together really well, one of the best Sunday runs's we've head. Grant, and Andy have seen a marked improvement in fitness, with Grant attacking any 30 sign he can sniff out.
Andy said: I enjoyed the run, All 50 odd miles of it , which for me is the farthest Ive ever cycled in one go. I was glad there was no one around to see me toil up the quarry brae to my house though. I certainly feel that I am getting fitter ( slowly) and am getting used to being on the bike. And the encouragment and little tips from you guys makes it all that bit easier, and thanks for that.
One day I wont be hiding in the pack and will take a turn at the front, till then though thanks for keeping the wind off me and for dragging me along.."

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