Monday, 12 January 2009

New Member

Welcome to Peter Buchan who joined the club this week. Many weekend riders will already know Peter, having suffered behind the mild mannered super tourer on club runs. Peter says"My cycling background is touring and I've done lots of trips over the years both at home and abroad in France, Italy and Spain mainly. More recently started doing some Audax & Sportives. This year I've signed up for the Bealach na Ba and will probably do the Etape Caledonia again if I can fit in. My main bike is a Dawes Galaxy but I also have a Ridgeback racing bike and a Marin hybrid for really good or bad weather outings respectively ! My favourite route round here is the 2 Bridges.

1 comment:

grantus said...

No! Matt why did you let another fast old guy join the club!?!

For anyone that doesn't know him - Peter is OBSCENELY quick on his Dawes touring bike.

If he ever comes out on his proper racing bike then ah'm no playin' that day!