Thursday, 9 February 2012

6 rides to choose from this weekend

Neil has devised a route for the Linlithgow riders that circumnavigates the Bathgate Alpes and trip to Biggar awaites the East Calder bunch.

Check out the route and read our ride guidelines before coming out:

There are 3 rides leaving Linlithgow: a 12mph Cafe Ride, a 15 mph Club Run and a 18mph Hard Group Ride. A 15mph club run starts from East Calder.

Make sure you choose the right group for your level and follow the correct pace for the group you are in.

Hi All,

Well, Winter's Cauld Blast continues, but the forecast suggests that conditions reach a turning point on Sat, so Sunday should be several degrees warmer..

Anyway, the predictions for Sat. are: 4C (feels like 2C), Fair, 10mph W (gusting to 13 mph) with the possibility of some light rain - pretty much typical Feb. weather!


Just a reminder that, per the new rides schedule, the suggested routes for this Sat. are as follows:

Linlithgow Leisure Centre
Tour around the Bathgate Alps 9.00 am
Ride Leader(s): Please step up and offer your help

East Calder Sorts Centre
Biggar - The new Apple Pie Bakery! 8.30 am
Ride Leader(s): Please step up and offer your help

Would LLC riders please note that this loop is not one that has been done for a while, so could ALL folk planning to take part familiarise themselves with the route - thanks.

For Sunday, meet at the Cross at 9 am, route decided on the day. Also, please note that Tom Beattie has been riding out of EC the last few Sundays - follow Tom on Twitter (@TommBeattie - yes 2 "m"s) to keep updated of when a run is taking place.

That's if folks - enjoy your rides.


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