Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New T shirt Order

We will be ordering a new batch of T shirts shortly

Price is £14 including postage and packing

T shirts available:

1. Bathgate Alps type motif
Grey T shirt with dark grey ink, A list of the Bathgate climbs on the back

2. Bathgate Alps Joy Division motif
Black T shirt, white ink. Clarion logo on the back

3. West Lothian Clarion (Yellow)
Yellow T shirt, black type, Clarion logo on the back

4. West Lothian Clarion (Black)
Black T shirt, yellow type, Clarion logo on the back

Please email Matthew Ball on secretary@westlothianclarion.co.uk
Stating which T shirt you want, how many and in what sizes

Order and payment must be made by Friday 23rd March 

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