Monday, 11 May 2009

Fred Whitton Report

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Sadiq, Brian and Neil rode the Fred Whitton Sportive on Sunday, roundly regarded as the toughest event of its kind in the country, with Sadiq managing to beat his pb for the route.
Sadiq said "Another loooong sufferfest of epic proportions, today's Fred took us through cloud, sunshine, snow at the top of Wrynose and heavy heavy rain on the Wrynose descent.
Nothing rivals the sight of first seeing Hardnott in the distance, like a piece of string hanging from the sky with every wee shape strewn out along it an a personal story of pain and the hope that it ends soon. I Cramped after 40 miles with 70 to go, because of poor cleat positioning. I got off the bike at the hairpins on Hardnott and pushed again at the same spot as last year. I would say only about 1 rider in 20 was still riding. Got back on before the summit and slogged up Wrynose. Job done.
2 mins faster than last year at 7hrs 29. Had ambitions of going under 7 hours but no chance whatsover. Still happy enough having not trained specifically for the Fred as I had done last year. I Rode with Boness and Falkirk residents Brian, George, and Neil for a good portion of the ride, Neil coming home 20 or so minutes after me. Two in a row is enough, no more next year!

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