Friday, 1 May 2009

Border Reivers nocturnal ride

Holy Island
Only a month to go before we embark on the Border raid...
80 miles to Berwick Upon Tweed
(possible extension to the Holy Isle: 95 miles)
Date: 6 June 2009
Entry: Free
Start: Meet at 8pm for 9pm start
Entries on the day: No
Start location: Black Bitch public house, Linlithgow
Route details will get posted soon...


Matthew Ball said...

So we have 7 up to now - Me, Tobis, Kerstin, Andy, Garry (my bruv-in-law) and Joe (Gray) say they are interested

I think Foz might be up for it too - Foz and Tobias are working out a route

Anyone else? It's gonna be a big adventure! A couple of beers here and there, seeing the sun rise while eating a well deserved breakfast...

How about our Super Audaxers - Neil, Mandy and Andy, Neil and Naill?!


Neil F said...

Sounds like it'll be fun, but I'm already booked up for a couple of audaxes that weekend. What route are you taking? If it was me I'd go Linlithgow - Carnwath - Peeblers - Coldstream - Holy Island. Probably take a shorter route back North.