Friday, 22 May 2009

10 TT WEEK 3 RESULTS: Thursday 21st May

10 TT Finish 21 May 09/1
Organiser Graham sent in this report "Best night of the three so far, bright with a bit of a bustling westerly chasing the heavy daytime showers over the horizon. Turnout was exellent again - 18 - and we must be pretty close to half of the club's membership having come along to take part, which is what WLC is all about. A few firsts tonight: a few first rides, our first sub 25 by Matt Ball (with Sadiq Mir being well within range of that same breakthrough) and, I think, our first fixie attempt at the course by new member Matt Muir. Add to that a wide range of PB's and other great efforts all round."

The women's competition is hotting up, with only 1 point separating the leaders and Denise is getting stronger each week, smashing her PB by 30 seconds last night.

New member Matt Muir said "Was great to be out on the road again tonight. Hadn't realised I was the first to record a time on fixed (Does this count as a club record then? just kidding!)."
Ross said "That was a good night tonight. Great that we got some better weather. Thanks to Foz and JMC for there much appreciated help. Also thanks to Matt for his words of encouragement out on the course."

Week 3 results
1 Matt Ball 24.18
2 Sadiq Mir 25.09
3 Mark Ewing 25.39
4 Steve McDowall 26.48
5 Ross Dewar 27.15
6 Mike Ewart 27.36
7 Bill Young 28.02
8 Grant Thomson 28.03
9 Mark Paul 28.09
10 Dave McTurk 28.25
11 Matt Muir 28.42
12 Dean Campbell 28.58
13 John McComisky 29.20
14 Andy Brown 29.38
15 Dick Duffy 29.42
16 Dave Hamill 30.26
17 Steve Fraser 30.44
18 Denise Schofield 30.56

Men's league positions after 3 events
Matt Ball 57
John McComisky 51
Ross Dewar 48
Bill Young 47
Graham Foster 45
Sadiq Mir 37.5
Graham Gilhooly 37
Mark Ewing 36.5
Dave Hamill 29
Mike Ewart 28
Mark Paul 26
Grant Thomson 26
Dave McTurk 23
Tobias Bauer 19
Andy Brown 18
Steve McDowall 17
Bob Simpson 17
Andy Hemingway 15
Andy Richards 12
Craig Sinclair 11
Steve Fraser 11
Matt Muir 10
Dean Campbell 9
Anth Robson 7
Dick Duffy 7

Women's league positions after 3 events
J Dominguez 40
D Schofield 39

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