Friday, 15 May 2009

McComisky and Thomson step up

John McComisky Finish
On Wednesday evening, this week, John and Grant rode the Ian McCulloch Memorial 10 TT promoted by the ERC on their Kirkliston course. The event was won by Evan Oliphant in a, staggering, course record time of 21.47
Grant Said "I really enjoyed this event, everyone was very friendly and enthusiastic and a lovely spread of cakes and tea and coffee was put on at the end. Met some nice people and had a PB on a lovely sunny, albeit windy, night with scran to finish - what more can you ask for?
Would like to thank Andy and Lucy for coming out to cheer on the team and Julie D was there to offer support as well Steve, her other half was riding and put in a stonking time of low 23's.
Allan Black passed as well, just before I started, in Kirkliston and then gave me nice words of encouragement when I passed him up near the Jet garage at Kirkliston. Cheers Al. Guys like these and Sparky who turn up at events to cheer on the riders make a difference. Chapeau!"
John Said "Thank you to all you guys who offer support, totally reiterate what Granus was saying about folk from our club turning up to offer support, it is spellbinding. I had a good solid run in readiness for the Scottish Championships, went out too slow though, to save more for way back in. The ERC did a smashing job"

Earlier in the year, winner, Evan Oliphant gave the club exclusive advice on how to ride the Bridgend - Kirkliston course, read it here
John McComisky West Lothian Clarion 27.36
Grant Thomson West Lothian Clarion 29.25

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