Thursday, 14 May 2009

Introducing two local on-line bike shops

Clarionista, Julie Dominguez and her partner, Steve, run two online bike shops out of their base in Livingston. Julie's specialises in fixed wheel and track components and Stev's specialises in wheel building and road components. And they are offering club members a discount, carry on reading to find out the details
Steve has been wheel building for over 30 years and would like to offer a 10% discount on wheel builds and repairs to all West Lothian Clarion members.  Julie or Steve will be at most tuesday training nights and thursday TTs where you can hand over your wheels, or even discuss a new set. Julie says "Our website displays a selection of components, of course Steve can build anything not just the wheels mentioned!
West Lothian Clarion members are also welcome to a 10% discount on parts and accessories from the website. 
We will hand deliver your purchases at events or you are welcome to visit! (Please contact first)"

Julie Dominguez
Julie is a fixie rider during the winter months, and to brighten those dull mornings she has been brightening up her bike using fixie products from Soma Fabrications. Julie says "Based in sunny California, Soma Fabrications produce many high quality parts and accessories in an array of colours - if you want to stand out from the crowd, see me for a 10% discount on parts and accessories from the website. We will hand deliver your purchases at events or you are welcome to visit!" (Please contact first)


grantus said...

Good to know - i will be getting my gear from the JMC but when it comes to wheel builds or fixie bling I'll know where to go! Need to keep it in the family comrades! Between the three of you there should be no reason why the clarionista should want for anything!!

JMC said...

Prob the two coolest folk to buy shiney stuff in our area, will get my nice stuff from Julz and Stevo, any crap that I need I can get it see wheel-building go to the master, I will be, he can even do stuff that my fat arse can cope with...peace JMC

Julie/Stev said...

Thanks for your support guys!
As ya say, between the 3 of us I think we can look after everyone's mechanical needs.