Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The 'where is it?' quiz

I Popped out with Alex on the tag-a-long last Sunday and found this lovely country lane but where is it? The person with the first correct answer gets an extra hour in bed on Friday.


grantus said...

It's near Dechmont - i definitely recognise this one

Dave Hamill said...

Isn't it the road past the lama farm?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's the road between North Mains and the Linlithgow-Dechmont Road.

I hope you didn't drive to Beecraigs first.

GrahamG said...

Is it on this stretch of road??


P.s, i have a good one from sunday if you'd like it Matt?

Anonymous said...

Pay attention, Foz.

That's what I just said .. .

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wrong Graham.

Nevertheless, the comment still applies :-)

Other Graham (Foz 72) said...

'Found' it?! It's almost two years since I rode down there with you as you declared it The Best Road in West Lothian.

Which is surely worth a thread all of its own!

Matthew Ball said...

Dave Hamill was the first correct answer, enjoy your lie in!
And for the record, we did ride up to Beecraigs on the trailer-bike! Those hairpins are a Killer with Alex on the back but he was giving it big licks behind me. Very good training! We also went down Kingskavil!