Friday, 8 May 2009

Gale force 10

Graham Foster
First of all, hat's off (sometimes literally) to those that rode the first race in our season long 10 TT competition. It was chilly and there was a booming sidewind that was nudging 30mph at times. Despite the chill, the competition was hot at the front given the conditions. Only 3 seconds separated the first three places and there was a tie for second place. Better days surely lie ahead this summer but the points earned on the wilder nights might make the difference at the end of the season!

Foz has put in a great deal of work and effort to get this series up and running and I think it showed last night. The event wouldn't have happened with out him. Many thanks on behalf of everyone. And Bill, many thanks for pushing off, using a technique (due to the windy conditions) which meant you had everybody's arse in your face!

The gusting side wind meant it was tough trying to keep up a steady even pace and there wasn't the benefit of a tail wind anywhere on the ride, Sadiq said "The wind was horrible, gusting in from the side. For me, Mark takes the moral victory because he rode a standard road setup with no tribars and came second by only 3 seconds! What a success, it bodes well for the rest of the series"

Everyone put in a heroic performance, Graham rode his first 10 and did a 28! Julie will easily get under 30 mins in less inclement conditions (hopefully we'll get more more women out to give her a challenge) and David, Ross, Grant (who beat his pb by 2 minutes) and, I suspect, Andy will get under 30 mins by the end of the year.

Andy Said "My first cycling event ever and it was great, in a painful kind of way! I did't break any records but posted a respectable (I think) time, given my 5 months of cycling experience. One thing for sure, the course is more undulating than I thought. Special thanks for the words of encouragment shouted by those overtaking me... at least I think they were words of encouragment!"

There are some riders with close times - Ross and Dave are on equal footing, Big John could can mix it with Graham and the series as a whole looks more competitive than the Premiership. John Said "This is the reason I joined the club, great turn out in such inclement weather, big up respect for Andy in doing his first time trial, the spirit of the club is folk like Andy who put a lot of effort in."

In retrospect we were really lucky with the weather, considering the conditions just after the finish! It was a real thrill to see so much enthusiasm from everyone concerned, competitors, marshals and spectators.

Many thanks also to Kirsty and Alex for supplying the cup cakes!

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Results Week 1
1. Matthew Ball 25.36
2. Mark Ewing 25.39
2. Sadiq Mir 25.39
4. Graham Gilhooly 28.06
5. John McComisky 28.20
6. Julie Dominguez 30.21
7. Dave Hamill 31.21
8. Ross Dewar 31.22
9. Grant Thomson 32.30
10. Andy Richards 36.32

Men's League - Week 1 
1. Matthew Ball 20
2. Mark Ewing 18.5
2. Sadiq Mir 18.5
4. Graham Foster 18
5. Bill Young 17
6. Graham Gilhooly 17
7. John McComisky 16
8. Dave Hamill 15
9. Ross Dewar 14
10. Grant Thomson 13
11. Andy Richards 12

Womens League Week 1 
1. Julie Dominguez 20


Dave Hamill said...

I really enjoyed my first time trial. I think I'm hooked.

Surely the positions go to 4th after 2 people are joint 2nd? Sorry for being a pedant.

Matthew Ball said...

Thanks, Dave, I wasn't sure what to do for the positions, I've changed it now!

clarionclarke said...

Wow, great ride folks...lots of sub 'evens' rides (20mph+) and many close to it. All for a club in its first [racing] year.
I did a 43.42 for my first 10 and 23.34 for my last anyone can improve, even me...sadly you've all started too fast to be able to knock 20 minutes off your times...but watch 'em tumble!
Ian Clarke Nat' Sec'