Monday, 11 May 2009

Weekend Rides

West Lothian Dogs
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Saturday run
With many regulars riding Spotives at the weekend the club runs still managed a good level of participation. It might be tough getting up for the 8.00am start but the riders can get in a load of miles and be home for elevenses!

Matt, Bill, Stevie, Steve, Dave and Andy set off through Westfield, Avonbridge, Slamannan (of course) and past the wind farm then back towards Torphichen.

Bill, feeling the effects of his recent trip to the States said "We had a good ride at a reasonable 15 mph with some hill efforts and good group riding for the entire 30 miles. Great to see people still willing to turn up on a poor weather day and put the miles in. The rain started on our way home but only for the last mile, so managed to miss the heavy downpours. Back home for 10.30am!

Sunday Run
Allan, Mike and Melwin met up at the Cross in Linlithgow for 9.00am Allan said "We covered 43 miles at a gentlemanly and sociable 14.5mph along the two Bridges route (including the new Kincardine Bridge)"
Melwin is getting stronger each week, Allan said "Melwin did OK, slightly off the back at times but we weren't trying to burn anybody off so he was there at the end, still smiling and saying that he had enjoyed the ride"

Club run details here

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