Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Club 10 TT series starts on Thursday

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Thursday sees the start of our season long 10 mile TT series. Riders have been preparing themselves all spring, gossip and rumour are whirling about the club - has Tobias really got a flash new bike? Will he unveil it to an expectant crowd? Has John's last minute crit training turned him into an assassin? Will Andy shave his legs? What type of cup cakes will be on offer at the finish? Get to the start to find out the answers to these questions and much more...

All the details can be found here
Please download and read the risk assessment
Get there with plenty of time to sign on entries close at 7pm.
Sign up for marshalling duties here
Timekeeper: Graham Foster, Pusher off: Bill Young


grantus said...

I'm feeling frisky for this one! I reckon my PB could be under serious threat tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Ach, well. I am not doing a TT if it's a day like this. Wouldnae have bike for this weather. Apart from my folding bike perhaps ...


grantus said...

Och away ya big German Jessie!

Anonymous said...

Whut? Cycling is supposed to be fun.
Dunno what the weather's like in Cucumbernauld but here it's pretty crap. In conditions like this is not only no fun but outright dangerous.

But we'll wait and see.

grantus said...

Well, i've only done two TT's and they were both many thngs but I don't know if i'd describe them as fun ;-)!!!

Hopefully see you tomorrow

JMC said...

Cannot wait for the first TT, this is the first competitive event for the club proper, and fun is just the fact there is a club and racing in West Lothian. Just took MizBhaven for her first ride on skinny tires, awesome into a facing wind with the spray blowing up yer hooter at 15mph with Claire Hoy!!!!.
I hope the sun shines but you cannot dampen my enthusiasm for this type of thing, rider against themselves, and the elements..the race of truth, good luck to everyone. JMC