Monday, 11 May 2009

Welcome to Graham Gillooly!

Graham Gillooly
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21 year old Graham from Caldercruix is our latest recruit. Graham says "I joined the gym last summer with my mates to pump some iron and get a bit leaner but I always found myself on the bikes on cardio nights. So I bought my first road bike in September, a Specialized Allez Elite, and when my gym membership ran out I never went back. I've also now got a Specialized Tricross singlespeed which i used through the winter and use to commute.

After finding out about the club online, I wanted to join and followed the forums for awhile online. At first I was put off by the distance I am from the club run departures but when I started cycling further, I had my first run with the club and really enjoyed it! I've met a great bunch of people and a great cycling environment, not to mention the previously uncharted Bathgate Alpes - haha!

I like all types of cycling but i do enjoy the hills, going up just as much as down, so this year i'm looking to loose some weight and better my climbing abilities. I've not entered any events yet but i'd like to do some sportives later in the year and get my racing licence so i can enter some more competitive events."

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sadiq said...

welcome graham, great to have you join

p.s nice photo m8, you look a fine young gentleman there, i expect to see a more weathered mugshot in there in the future as proof you are getting the miles in