Friday, 15 May 2009

Club 10 Series: Race 2

Anth waiting
Organiser, Graham Foster sends in the event report: Another great night, with 17 taking part. Conditions were significantly better than last week, bright and a little warmer with a bustling easterly, which led to a few week-old PBs being beaten and some newbies setting their own initial benchmarks. Myself included - 30 minutes dead was a bit frustrating but it's all experience and I give myself credit for not boaking into a hedge at the end
Anyway - down to the times - I'll post up the league position when I have more time. First of all - Andy Brown and Craig Sinclair - your times were adjusted after a second look at the timesheet highlighted a wee error. You were actually both under 30 - good effort!
Big congratulations to Graham Gilhooly for knocking a minute off last week's time to claim top points this week. Tobias 'Technik' Bauer played Jan to his Lance on his new Planet X bling. But even further down the order, the buzz suggested that there were a lot of personal performances to be proud of tonight and perhaps a lot of targets for the season being set?

1 Graham Gilhooly 27.02
2 Tobias Bauer 27.19
3 John McComisky 27.22
4 Bob Simpson 27.39
5 Bill Young 27.45
6 Andy Hemingway 28.03
7 Mark Paul 28.08
8 Mike Ewart 28.26
9 Julie Dominguez 28.50
10 Dave McTurk 28.58
11 Craig Sinclair 29.45
12 Andy Brown 29.49
13 Graham Foster 30.00
14 Dave Hamill 30.38
15 Denise Schofield 31.25
16 Anthony Robson 31.31
17 Steven Fraser 31.42

Men's league
Matthew Ball 37
Graham Gilhooly 37
John McComisky 34
Bill Young 33
Ross Dewar 32
Graham Foster 27
Dave Hamill 23
Tobias Bauer 19
Mark Ewing 18.5
Sadiq Mir 18.5
Bob Simpson 17
Andy Hemingway 15
Mark Paul 14
Grant Thomson 13
Mike Ewart 13
Andy Richards 12
Dave McTurk 12
Craig Sinclair 11
Andy Brown 10
Anth Robson 7
Steve Fraser 6

Women's league
Julie Dominguez 40
Denise Schofield 19

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