Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Welcome Kerstin!

Kerstin Bonau Joined the club at the AGm to become our 5th lady member. Kerstin says "My cycling background is touring and utility cycling. As a non-car owner, the bicycle is my main form of transport and in the last 8 years I've been on many cycling holidays, particularly in the UK and in France. My main bike is a Dawes Horizon but I also have a Scott mountain bike.
Like most Germans, I have cycled all my life but got into more serious cycling through Tobias and his enthusiasm for his former job as cycling officer for an English county council and the opportunities provided by the ferry link to France a few miles down the road. We spent many a weekend cycling in France and did London to Paris rides a few times (Tobias was the UK project manager for the Avenue Verte, a greenway between London and Paris – an excellent opportunity to combine pleasure and work); I also worked as volunteer bike rides leader for a local authority for a couple of years. Since we moved to Scotland two years ago, we have been to the Western Isles and the Highlands and did the Pedal for Scotland ride last year.

I cycle to work every day even though it’s just around the corner and use my bike for everyday shopping. Still, I would like to cycle a bit more, particularly at the weekends and that’s why I joined the Clarion. 

My goals for this season are to go out more often, get fitter and meet other Clarion members."


Grantus said...

Welcome Kerstin,

(I hope your Dawes isn't as fast as that Peter Buchan character!!)

BillR1 said...

Welcome Kerstin

Rgds, Bill