Thursday, 19 February 2009

John's killer climb

killer climb 1
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John McComisky is hoping to start a trend, He sent me his favourite local climb, and wants to start getting other members to do the same. Why not post your time for riding john's route?...

John says "Now hailing from the Kingdom of Bonessia, I thought it appropriate to let you all know about my favourite wee climb. For those of you not familiar with the area, head through the centre of Boness as if heading toward Falkirk and Grangemouth.

You will encounter a roundbout next to the site of the Pub once known as Girsie Nichols. Simply take a 90 degree left and get the bike into a good climbing gear for you (around 10mph is tops for me).

The climb has it all, as it snakes upwards past the old graveyard and iconic war memorial. Still climbing upward through a series of high drystone walls and on on a slick road service, this little leg burner of just over a third of a mile tops out just past the Richmond Park hotel and BP garage.

As a special treat I normally continue skyward through Birkhill and up towards the Fire Station. At this point the legs will be starting to burn, so an out of the seat effort may be required or a sit in the saddle dig up to the very to of the Flints. Just when you think about a downhill squirt to Linlithgow, take a left at the crossroads and heave your way all the way to the top of the area and West Lothian Golf Course.

The view alone is worth the climb and aside from the prospect of some traffic, this is firmly on my list of Killa Climbs.

Total distance 1.5miles
Bike Used Carrera Vanquish
Best Time: God only knows, I just like a good flow and tempo to see me up to the top.

Would like to hear from other members what hills rock them."


grantus said...

It has to be the Tak Ma Doon for me - always a toughie, especially the really steep hairpin section around 75% of the way up - never fails to get yer guts churnin' 2.5 miles of pain. I think the worst thing about the Tak is that the steepest sections aren't until halfway so you've got too much time to think about what's coming! I'll need to try your route though John, sounds, erm, nice!

Jazza said...

On the subject of Bo'ness, try ascending the wonderfully named "The Bog" (how apt is that!!), followed by Erngath Road. Aside from a short respite on Stewart Avenue in the middle, its about 15% all the way up.

My favourite in that area is Carriden Brae followed by the Redbrae, mainly because it is out of the town! Great views from the top.

Matthew Ball said...

John, I did you Killer Climb today in a time of 9.52 including a 20 second wait at the traffic lights. On the first portion out of Boness my back wheel was sliding a fair bit on the greasy road and I struggled on the steeper section with my fixed gear.It's a toughie!