Sunday, 1 February 2009

Record turn out on Saturday ride

Saturday Ride 31/01A
Twelve, yes Twelve! riders turned up at the KWM on a beautiful sunny morning last Saturday. Newbie Mark (on is Spankin' new Dawes Audax) Bill, Stevie, Mike, Tobias, Andy, Tim (our most southerly member from Lancaster), Newbie Angus, Peter, Neil and Steve set off down to Bathgate. The group then took the back roads to Armadale for the first climbs of the day, then heading to Slamannan over the long Avonbridge Road climb where the pack regrouped. During the quick snack stop at Slamannan Mark and Matt had to coax a chatty local rapscallion from destroying the poppies at the war memorial. Moral obligation complete the group set off to Longriggend via the climb at the wind turbines. On the way, Andy showed great skill in warding off some ferocious dogs (that could have come straight out of a Helms cartoon!) with pin point squirts from his water bottle. Unfazed by the commotion, Mike won the Longriggend, uphill, 30 sprint, by a bike length, from Matt and Stevie. We regrouped for a photo and headed back along the rolling descent through Limerigg, finishing off with the prestigious 30 sprint at Avonbridge, won, again, by the versatile Mike from 2nd place Bill by a nose. The group headed for home along the River Avon, with riders from different sides of the Bathgate Alps splitting into two groups at Strath House. Mark said "I Enjoyed the run today! Thanks, particularly to Matt and Bill for coaching me up the hills"


Foz72 said...

Sounds like a great turn-out, should have come along myself. What a contrast to today's weather.
I cheated a bit and headed off on the early morning train to Currie (45 mins) then rode the Lang Wang down to the Tarbrax turnoff then back through Addiewell, Fauldhouse, Harthill and Avonbridge. The side winds on the Lang Wang were brutal but the rest of the ride was a hoot with a strong tail-wind. 42 miles and a little glimpse of Spring.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, sounds like a good turnout.

I bet I know where those dogs were! Just outside Slamannan before you pass into North Lanarkshire?

Wee besterts! They've had a go at me in the past as well - ankle biters and I didn't have enough leg speed to pedal away from them! I had a good mind to complain to the owners but chickened out! - they're obviously in the habit of letting them run around untethered.