Sunday, 8 February 2009

Two new Members!

Blair and Dean Campbell are two new members who joined at the AGM and lower our average age by a considerable amount. Blair said "I think I may be the youngest member in the club at 15. This will be my first cycling season, I would like to gain experience from the other members by getting involved in as much club events as possible. I was introduced to the sport by my brother Dean. I haven’t had a lot of practice leading up to the start of the season but I have been keeping in ‘shape’ through playing football. I currently own a Carrera Virtuoso which I will be using for this forthcoming season. I am hoping to compete in the 10 mile TT this season and bring back some mediocre times and I would like to do as many club runs as possible and just enjoy myself."
Dean (19) is a Biology student at Stirling University, and will be supervising Blair on rides and club events. Dean said "This will be my first cycling season therefore keen to get involved with anything to gain experience. I work in Halfords (Falkirk) where I was introduced to the sport by my friends' and colleges Ross and John. I must confess to not being out in the bleak weather but am getting some miles in through spinning classes. I currently have a Carrera Vanquish which i will ride this coming season and a Swinn custom build for playing on the trails. I hope to achieve some respectable novice times in the 10 mile TT this season and get involved with as much club runs as possible."
Look forward to seeing you on the road fellas, Halfords has quite a contingent in the club now - enough for a TTT!


Grantus said...

Welcome lads - nice to see the Carreras are popular! My first mountain bike was a Carrera Fury - wish i'd never sold it - great bike.

Those in the know don't turn their noses up at the Carreras!

JMC said...

Greetings Deano and Blair from JMC, hope you have a great Clarion year.