Sunday, 8 February 2009

Weekend Roundup

The cold weather appeared to keep many riders under their duvet this weekend! David was the only cyclist who made it to the Korean War Memorial on Saturday. He said "Went out this morning in the snow from Larbert and headed to Linlithgow, Preston Road, Bathgate, Whitburn, Armadale then home via Bike and Ski Clinic. Waited around 15 minutes at KWM but no arrivals so headed off on my own. Roads were absolutely fine and far less greasy than they have been over the last few months."
The Two Bridges was one route well travelled though, Foz said "I rode round the two bridges over lunchtime on Saturday and it was absolutely fine. There was a bit of frozen stuff on the back roads from SQueen to Winchburgh but nothing serious and avoidable of course.
On Sunday Matt and Grant met at Kincardine for a hard ride that also took in the route around the Forth. Newbies Andy and Peter arrived at the Cross late on Sunday but with no one around they also decided on the Two Bridges route, Peter said "we got to the Cross but were running 10mins late. No one was there which was fair enough if the ride started at 9am. We did the two bridges run instead, which was great but freezing. We'll definately try again to meet up in the near future"
BikeRadar poster Graham, wondered if he spotted a Clarion rider out on the road on Saturday, he said "Were any of you lot out this afternoon, heading along the road from Caldercruix/ Limerigg to Avonbridge? I passed someone on my way home to Caldercruix at about 2:30pm. Anyway, what an enjoyable ride, ended up just cruising for most of it to take in the sights, probably my favourite ride of the winter!"

Did anyone else brave the freezing weather over the weekend or survive the Stirling Reliability Trail?


sadiq said...

with the weather out east much colder than the west i decided against the stirling reliability today and went out with the anniesland bunch for a leg buster saturday morning before work in the afternoon, 60 miles av speed 20mph with the wind assisted last leg averaging 24mph over 20 miles. the tailwind meant that the group didnt get as split up as usual when it all starts to go crazy in the last ten miles, and this helped me to make a couple of breaks and be in the mix more than any ride with this lot previously.

spotted malcolm on the lang wang today all wrapped up in 15 layers of ninja outfit! only knew it was you from the van nicholas as you didnt have an inch of skin on show!

SparkyP said...

Only managed a turbo session tonight and the weather looks bleak with the snow tonight!!


Grantus said...

I passed a guy in Larbert from Falkirk BC heading out to the reliability. I saw on SBC's website this morning they changed the route due to ice. Never mind going 300m up into the Ochils - when I got to the Bowtrees roundabout yesterday at 9.30 my bottles had frozen up.

Sadiq, who are the Anniesland bunch and where do they go?

sadiq said...


they are a mish-mash of west of scotland club cyclists/racers who do the 3 lochs run every saturday in january and february, they leave anniesland x in glasgow at 10am and head past my work out the boulevard (very busy road) through dumbarton, helensburgh, gareloch, holy loch, tarbet, then back down loch lomondside where people start smashing lumps out one another at the cameron house hill, this continues over the 'sisters', another couple of lumps at bowling and old kilpatrick. it can attract anything between 20 and 40 cyclists.

Grantus said...

Sounds painful!

Neil said...

Allan, who is a prospective new member, and I braved the very cold weather on Sunday morning to meet at the cross at 9am. We took a ride down to Winchburgh, across to Almondell and home via Newbridge and Kirkliston. It was cold but the dry air meant that the side roads didn’t have any frost on them. However we had to careful when riding over the ice at a few spots on the route. Overall it was an enjoyable ride and we even saw Jim Bird out for a Sunday ride.

Hopefully we will get a better Sunday turnout as the weather improves.