Monday, 16 February 2009

Saturday Run Report 14 Feb

Mark sent in a report about the Saturday ride:
"I headed over to the KWM leaving Livingston at 8.00am and meeting up with five riders at 9.00. Mike, Neil, Angus, Steve, Peter and myself headed over the usual roads through Torphichen, Westfield, Avonbridge, Slammannan (Yeah!) Longriggend and back to the KWM via Avonbridge, Westfield and Torphicen. One sprint to me at Avonbridge from Waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy out! And one to Mike at Westfield by a wheel. Mike and I then headed over the tops and down to Faucheldean (where we didn't sprint but I won the lunge) and up to Winchburgh. Mike then headed back to Linlithgow and I headed home through Kirkliston, Newbridge, East and Mid Calder and back to Livi. 58 miles in total for me and the two turbo sessions this week have really hurt my legs today.
It was a good run on very dirty and potholed roads....Bring on the summer (not that the potholes will be fixed!)"

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