Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Reliability Trail update

Grant and Tobias have sorted out the details for the club's Reliability Trail, it looks like a very fine ride.

Distance: 50 KM and 115 KM
Date: 15 March 2009
Entry: £3 including scran
Start: 9am start for 115km; 9:45am for 50km
Entries on the day: Yes
Location: Linlithgow Leisure Centre

Here is the route for the March Reliability run: Take a look
And here is the half distance route: Take a look

There will be a feedstop in the Carron Valley after the descent off Earl's Hill before the riders head back to the Carronbridge hotel. This is roughly half distance.
For the half distance riders there won't be a feed stop however you will be able to stock up at the start at the Leisure Centre on the same things that will be available to the full distance riders. Myself and Tobias haven't decided definitely what will be provided however it will include bananas, some form of energy drink and other edible treats and perhaps a hot drink. The cost of entry to cover this will be £2 to £3 however we will aim to keep it as low as possible.
As yet we have no arrangements for food at the finish however there is catering at the leisure centre where people can suit themselves if they need scran at the end. If there is demand we can enquire with the leisure centre to see if they would be amenable to doing some kind of deal on something like soup, sandwich and coffee, for example but it might be simpler for people to do their own thing as it will keep entry costs down.
We have not arranged use of leisure centre facilities yet (i.e changing and showers, etc.) however hopefully this won't be a problem.

Please note that for insurance purposes this event IS NOT an open event and is restricted to WEST LOTHIAN CLARION MEMBERS ONLY.

If you aren't signed up to the club yet then why not use this as the perfect opportunity to come along and meet everyone! Extra edible treats for anyone who joins the club on the day!
Route cards and descriptions will be provided on the day so no excuse for getting lost.
Let Grant know if you intend coming along. email Grant: tourettesthomson[AT] Or simply post a comment

Grant's description of the route:
The run will leave Linlithgow and head out to Larbert via Grangemouth and Skinflats. From Larbert it will go up Carron Valley via Denny as far as the Carronbridge Hotel where you will then turn right and head for Stirling. Before reaching Stirling you'll turn off left past North Third reservoir then head up and over Earls Hill and drop back down to Carron Valley where I will be waiting in a nice warm car. You can then get something to eat if I haven't finished it all off by the time you get there
After filling yer boots you'll head back down Carron Valley to Carronbridge Hotel then climb Tak Ma Doon the easy way and drop down the steep side into Kilsyth. From there it's an easy run along the A803 to Falkirk through Bonnybridge.
I've decided you should all work for your grub therefore the route goes up the ridiculously steep unclassified road past the Battle of Falkirk monument before going up the even sillier unclassified road up to Shieldhill from High Falkirk. From there it's a drop down to Westfield via sunny California and Avonbridge. Sling a right at the Westfield roundabout and head up into Torphichen whilst doffing a cap to the Hanger! Right again to Bathgate then the final climb of the day will take you up past Cairnpapple and past the KWM where the WLC began many moons ago! and back down Preston Road where you will then return to the start where you will either congratulate me and Tobias on such a good event or give us a boot in the cherries for making you go up all the hills. Hopefully it'll be the former.
Half distance will go the same route to Larbert but then head back along the A803 to Falkirk when the full route heads off to Denny. There will still be the steep climb out of Falkirk to the monument and then Shieldhill to negotiate for the short route however they are spared Preston Road as they return to the leisure centre via the Lanark Road after the Westfield roundabout.

More club event here


Anonymous said...


the corrierri TT is on the 15th march, if I dont do it I should make it

Grantus said...

Ok, who are you then?!?

sadiq said...

that was alberto contador

this is sadiq and, funnily enough, i have the same plans!

grantus said...

Blimey, we are attracting some good riders now!

Sadiq, I was hoping to do the Corrieri as well as I reckon it's my best chance for a decent 10 time (unless it's windy!!) however I shall be helping Tobias with the RadTour.

Are you still thinking about the Stirling Tri reliability? I reckon Glendevon might be a bit treacherous and may give it a miss and stick to a low level run on Sunday. Hopefully do SBC's Comrie Moor run next week though as I don't know that road.