Monday, 2 February 2009

SCU Consultation day

Matt and Tobias represented the club at the SCU's consultation day in Perth on Sunday. The SCU was asking for members to contribute ideas on how cycle sport is to progress in the future. The day was designed without an agenda so suggestions could come from the floor. We were split up into groups and went about a brainstorming different approaches. The day culminated with 4 groups presenting their ideas to a panel in a 'Dragon's Den' format. The day was a success but a bit more communication about what was involved and how much time it would take would have been useful, for instance, we didn't know it was an all day session. There were enough people present to make the format work but it was a disappointing turn out. Most clubs had not sent any representatives, even the well established ones. It was an opportunity to tackle major issues that are effecting our sport and day-to-day riding. More clubs should have been there to air their views and ideas, those clubs not present shouldn't have any complaint with the SCU if they are not prepared to stand up and be counted.


Anonymous said...

My colleague from Velo Club Moulin tells me that we were one of only 2 clubs with more than one representative and plenty clubs put nobody up.
Any idea when there's some tangible output from this session and do you have any idea about what form it might take?

Matthew Ball said...

Hi Maclom. Not sure when we'll get any information, the consultant is going to go away and analyse/compile the data. I understand that all those present will be emailed when the report is produced.