Monday, 2 February 2009

New members!

Six riders joined the club at the AGM, two of which were John McComisky and his Fiancé Jill Sneddon. A big welcome to you both!
John says "I got into cycling three years ago, and had used an old cyclocross bike on the road to get fit. My background is motorcycle racing but haven't raced motorbikes since my last race on the Isle of Man. I've had too many jobs to mention but at present work at Halfords in Falkirk. I have a Carerra Vanquish Road bike and a Gryphon Hybrid and use them both to commute. In 2008 I was a member of the ERC and competed in time trials finishing in the top twenty in the Kirky 10 series. For this year I want to get faster in TT racing and want to race in the Scottish Championships with better results.
My fiancee Jill is an occasional cyclist and also has a Carerra Vanquish Road bike. We've done a little bit of touring about locally, which she's enjoyed, Jill also does yoga with her mates to keep healthy.
I love the fact there is a club locally and will get more involved in the coming months as I think you have started a great initiative. Look forward to meeting you all in the coming weeks."
John has a cycling blog go here to visit


Mark said...

Great to see you came to your senses!!!!!!!!
Mark P

JMC said...

Hiya Mark, great to see ya the other night will get a proper chance to blether soon. Shifts at work mean am only able to get one weekend off in two but have three weekends off on the trot soon. West Lothian Clarion will rock methinks!!!