Friday, 6 February 2009

The Spring RadTour

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The Spring RadTour
Originally uploaded by westlothianclarion

Distance: 50 KM and 115 KM
Date: 15 March 2009
Entry: £3 including scran
Start: 9am start for 115km; 9:45am for 50km
Entries on the day: Yes
Location: Linlithgow Leisure Centre
Map: Click here to see a google map of the start
Route: click here

Open to club members only.
Go here to download a membership form. You can join on the day of the event.


JMC said...

What a fab poster, count me in on the 15th March a great chance to catch up as well as stretch the legs. Do I have to use mguards?

BillR1 said...


No mate don't worry about the guards.

See you on the day.

Rgds, Bill

JMC said...

Sound Bill, need to try and get over to the Hangar as well, think it would be more fun turbo wise than looking at the clock in the kitchen while Jill cooks the tea!!!!
Cheers JMC

wakemalcolm said...

No guards - you can tell Bill's up for heading the peloton for this one.
Just a quick question about the leisure centre for the out of towners: where is it?

Matthew Ball said...

Malcolm, I've added a link to a google map on the original post.
JMC - On club runs until the clocks change and there isn't as much gloop on the roads we ask riders to have at least clip ons - see the FAQs on the website.
cheers matt