Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Reliability Trial renamed RadTour!

Grant sends in an update for the clubs reliability trial, now re branded as the 'Clarion Spring RadTour'!

Grant says "Myself and Tobias have agreed a £2 entry fee with around £1.20 of that covering 2 bananas, 1 litre of isotonic drink and tea/coffee for each rider. The other 80p or thereabouts will go to club funds so if we get 25 riders that'll be £20 towards paying off some of the clarion loan! Tobias has also suggested an optional donation to club funds which I reckon is a good idea. Begging bowl can be passed round at the end perhaps?

Any other donations of homebaking shall be gratefully received for the mid-way snack-stop! Matt, is keeping a camping stove on stand-by, Tobias also has one so we can maybe arrange some soup as well - keep me busy up in Carron Valley, eh?

There will be an amendment to the route at the B8028 from Glen Village to Shieldhill. Foz has informed us that this stretch of road is pretty hazardous and that there is an unclassified road virtually adjacent which is more suitable (plus it's just as steep!) so I'll amend the Bikely route to take this into account.

Oh, one final thing - to give this event a 'unique' slant I thought we could give it a German moniker as a wee nod to Herr Bauer. The literal translation (so Tobias informs me) is Radtourfahrt. I think the Clarion Spring RadTour has a nice ring to it, just to be different. Everyone and their granny does a Reliability but we shall have a RadTour!"


Matthew Ball said...

Now we have a German style RadTour, maybe the food should have a German flavour too? How about some nice Osterbrot, Einbrennsuppe, Butterkuchen, Fastnachts, Windbeutel, Schweinehaxe, Knödel or even my personal favourite Pflaumenkuchen.

SparkyP said...

Mrs P has offered to make some cake for the mid way feed stop.It will probably her signature cake of Banana Loaf.Bill and Stevie had some when we recce'd the Tour of Trossachs and they lived to tell the tale!!!

Grantus said...

Nice one Sparky,

Matt, not sure about some of the stuff there!!

Although Tobias has offered to make cakes so we shall find out whether or not Herr Bauer macht exceedingly gut kuchen!

BillR1 said...

I have been on to Robin at the bike and ski to see if he can get me a smaller sprocket for the fixed to do the Rad on ??? I will get a few rides on it beforehand to see what it's like out on the road

SparkyP said...

Just a thought,but should we not make the entry 4 or 5 pounds and then put the change in the bank,rather than asking for a donation?That would build up the funds a wee bit...

grantus said...

Hi Sparky,

We (myself at El C) felt it would be more attractive to people if we could keep the entry cost as low as possible then any left over could go to funds - not sure if £4 or £5 might put people off coming along