Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Weekday Rides

Last week John McComisky met up with fellow West Lothian Clarion member, Craig Marshall, and went on a 48 mile jaunt around a sodden West Lothian and Central Region.
John says "Craig has been a customer at the shop I work in (Halfords) and our discussions had turned to meeting up for some Etape training. Mista Marshall will be in good form by then, I am sure, as he left me wheezing on any climbs especially the run up to the Flints in Boness.
Although the weather for the Boness-Lithgae-Avonbrige-Grangemouth-Newton-Winchburgh and Grangemouth was foul, the chat was mighty and as all good cyclists do we were able to put the world to rites. We put up with a fair amount of sleet, cow dung and fading light but even at this time of year it was a good paced ride of around 15mph.
The only thing I would mention is that Craig is possibly the clubs very own puncture demon, I managed three on the day followed by another on the way to work. It turns out that another Clarion member had a similar experience with Craig the previous week...lol.Spurs, boots, Stiletto's!"
If anyone fancies a midweek ride get in contact with John at jmccomisky[at]hotmail.com.

Another member, Ronnie Thomson, is also looking for weekday ride partners and has planned a series of rides over the next few months, go here to see the list

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